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This is the Amorettes fourth album, and just goes to prove once again what a hardworking, hard rocking band they are. Due out on 6th April, and about to support the Dead Daisies on their current UK tour, the girls don’t ever seem to rest on their laurels. Following high praises for their previous album ‘Haulin Ass’, and using the old’ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ motto, they have stuck with producer Luke Morley (Thunder), and with a little help from singer /songwriter Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders), they seem to have found a  winning formula.


The girls do seem to spend a lot of time touring, and you can sense that the majority of this album was written with the next tour in mind, and will sound even better performed live. Even in the studio, the energy and enthusiasm in their performance spills over into the mix, just itching to burst out our speakers and hit the road again.


Kicking off the album with ‘Can You Feel The Fire’ is your classic hard driven rhythm guitar, drum thumping rock anthem. Not only does this carry on where ‘Haulin Ass’ left off, it sets the bar high for the rest of the album.


Heather McKay gets to set the scene for ‘Hello and Goodbye’ with her deep humming bassline, which sets the mood for a down and dirty tale of love’ em and leave’ em. Gill Montgomery goes from husky sweet talker to screaming banshee, covering the full range of her vocal talents in a four minute blast of powerful rock.


I’m a big fan of Ricky Warwick, so I was looking forward to his collaboration on ‘Everything I Learned, I Learned From Rock And Roll’, and I’m glad to say it doesn’t sound anything like his own material. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic track, with exactly the sound you’d expect from the title. But the Amorettes have their stamp all over this, and haven’t ended up just singing someone else’s song.


The album title track ‘Born To Break’ follows the same formula of guitar and drums, nice simple beat, and lyrics to sing along with, although after a couple of pints I might stumble over the quick fire chorus and turn it into a tongue twister. The McKay sisters backing vocals really start to be used to their full effect on ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’ as everyone chips in with everything they’ve got to push yet another sing-a-long rock anthem into your face.


The Amorettes have been compared to just about every all girl rock band, or even tagged as a female Motorhead, but I’m struggling to find anything to compare them to. They do have a very familiar classic rock sound, but they also have their own unique sound underlying the riffs and drums. And perhaps to emphasize this, ‘Hell Or High Water’ steals every classic rock cliché from the last thirty years, and yet they still make it sound new and fresh. The second half of the album follows the same winning formula, ‘You Still Got Rock And Roll’ and ‘Easy Tiger’ are full of steady drums backing up the grinding guitar, and Montgomery’s’ vocals creating a sing a long, head nodding crowd pleaser.


When I saw the track listing I wanted to go straight to this next track. ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ wasn’t quite as fast and furious as I’d hoped for, but will still come across brilliantly when it’s performed live.


With a sneaky nod to Motorhead, ‘Coming Up The Middle’ is one for the road, foot firmly on the pedal, burning rubber, trying to match the revs punched out from the guitars. If these girls are in your rear view mirror, you’ll feel the decibels shaking your suspension.


Fast Eddie eat your heart out, the power and speed from ‘High On Your Energy’ just keeps firing out the licks, and is as close as this group get to a ballad. If you can class a song played at 100mph as a love song.


And finally as we reach the last track, the Amorettes eventually slow down just slightly to give us a mean and moody ‘I Want It Bad’, and actually allow us to catch our breath. If this band can transfer the energy and enthusiasm from vinyl to stage, I fear for the health of the band and the audience! They already have a great reputation for live shows, and will force the Dead Daisies to up their game if they want to impress their audience when they follow the Amorettes on stage.


Track list for Born to Break:

Can You Feel the Fire 4:40 
Hello and Goodbye 3:49 
Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll 4:03 
Born To Break 3:46 
What Ever Gets You Through The Night 4:03 
Hell or High Water 4:12 
You Still Got Rock And Roll 3:57 
Easy Tiger 3:22 
Bat Shit Crazy 4:00 
Coming Up The Middle 3:41 
High On Your Energy 3:39 
I Want It Bad 4:24 

The Amorettes are:

Gill Montgomery - guitar/vocals 
Hannah McKay - drums/backing vocals
Heather McKay - bass/backing vocal


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