THE BAD FLOWERS - Thunder Child (Single)

Wes O’Neill


All self respecting rock fans will be familiar with the knack that the Black Country (the midlands of the UK near Birmingham) has for throwing out legendary bands in the past. Of late there has been a new breed of artists looking to the future but holding firm to their roots and mindful of what has come before them. The trio of vocalist/guitarist Tom Leighton, Dale Tonks on bass and Karl Selickis’ drums make up The Bad Flowers who are certainly one of those bands…


“Thunder Child” opens with a crunching pedaling guitar riff that takes on a groove and swagger, complemented equally by the locked in tight rhythm section. “Thunder Child” wastes no time in getting revved up, it’s straight into the thick of it, so hold on tight. Tom’s vocals and lyrics stand out well over the gnarly bed of the song, painting the picture quickly, and more importantly catching the listener as to the subject of the song. Where the guitar playing is not the most technical, it certainly works well as the riffs prevail being particularly effective in the breakdown mid way through. Dynamically, the track grows, has some great contrasting moments and will certainly be a hit at their live shows coming up.


Boding well for their debut album, “Starting Gun” which is due for release in 2018, “Thunder Child” is worth adding to your collection as a clear lay down of things to come from The Bad Flowers.


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Photo Credit: Mark Varney

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