This will be the 4th album from the band and one which follows the success of their last, ‘Make Some Noise’ which saw a rise in the bands popularity, with great live performances and cohesiveness in their sound.  The new album tracks which have already been released, have shown that this has continued with fabulous style and passion, with new drummer Deen Castronovo adding to the pedigree of the band providing a heartbeat to the already astounding musicianship.


To quote guitarist Doug Aldrich, “The new Dead Daisies album will melt your face! It is raw and in-your-face with a whole new sound!”


So, will the new album be another guitar driven explosion of sound?


‘Resurrected’, smashing the ball straight at you with grimy rampaging riffs and crashing drums. The whole track has a dirty feel to it with Corabi delivering a melodic but hard rock vocal. ‘Rise Up’ is a powerful track, not just lyrically which it is but through the aggressive feel of the music.  Strong riffs, a loud and heavy chugging bassline.  It has the feeling of a great crowd sing-a-long track.


The title track ‘Burn It Down’ has a more blues rich vocal demonstrating Corabi’s ability to deliver the tone to match that of the music. Opening riffs blend through with a southern rock edge before it swells to the power laced with loud and low grimy guitars flooding through. The stomping beat supports the intricacy of all the rumblings and snarls above it.


‘Judgement Day’ begins with a light intro with a country blues feel, a wistful riff and harmonica adding to that feel. Snarling riffs add to the layers of sound making me think of westerns, gun slingers and bourbon. ‘What Goes Around’, distorted radio chatter and buzzy riffs descending once more into the heavy grime laced guitars complete with crashing symbols and rhythmic drumming. This has a very classic rock feel, loads of shredding with a strong guitar solo. Nice distortion on the vocal towards the end adds to the track.


Moving swiftly on to a great heavy cover of ‘Bitch’. More riffage smashing through and that delicious bassline flooding under keeping a steady flow as the riffs explode across the top.  The track is a great one for Corabi. His voice is perfect – enough gravel and melody to compete with the mix of the guitars. ‘Set Me Free’ is a much lighter track with an easy laid-back guitar and a strong melodic vocal. A steadiness to the music, a nice blues vibe to the whole track. A great song for demonstrating the emotion that John can muster when needed. The guitar solo is clear and soaring. It gives a nice breather from the pace of the rest of the songs and another dimension to the bands musical prowess.


‘Dead and Gone’, back to the big songs! Hard and heavy rumbling rhythm, thuds hitting you in the gut. The chorus is one for the fans!  I can just hear it echoing around the room. A rocking good track! ‘Can’t Take It With You’, piles of attitude, the buzzing riffs and rampant growls of the guitars flesh the track out into gluttonous proportions. The lyrics are great too with Corabi adding emphasis where it is needed through the tone and attitude coming across in his expression. ‘Leave Me Alone’ seems like a cry of anguish, shit loads more attitude musically and vocally.  Hugely catchy and what a great closing track for the album.


Quite simply the album is a great listen. It’s a powerhouse of hard rock, guitar fuelled and making very few detours from that winning road. So, yes Doug, you are quite correct, it is a face-melter and I can’t wait to see the band on their forthcoming tour.


Release date 6th April on Spitfire Music /SPV


Track list:
Rise Up
Burn It Down
Judgement Day
What Goes Around
Set Me Free
Dead and Gone
Can’t Take It With You
Leave Me Alone


Dead Daisies are:
Doug Aldrich - Guitar
John Corabi - Vocals
Marco Mendoza - Bass
Deen Castronovo  - Drums
David Lowy - Guitar


Check the guys out on their tour. Visit their website and Facebook page for more details.

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