THE DUST CODA - Let Me Go (Single)



Due to a clash with a certain Myles Kennedy at Ramblin’ Man Fair, The Dust Coda’s set was perhaps slightly under-watched but certainly not underappreciated by those that chose to see them. It was confirmation for those watching that the band are a cut above many of the current crop. Mature and intelligent, they are able to move you and get you rocking in a way many bands struggle to do. They are sure to make many more fans when they take to the stage at Steelhouse Live later this month. As if that wasn’t enough sandwiched between the two festivals they’ve decided to release a brand new song ‘Let Me Go’, because you can’t have too much of a good thing, frankly.


Their rise through the ranks of the current British rock scene has already been swift and impressive given their independent status. Their debut album has garnered rave reviews across the board, and ‘Let Me Go’ looks like it’s only going to cement their position as one of the best new bands out there.


Starting with perhaps the band’s most immediate and ear-catching riff yet it is clear from the beginning this is going to be a crowd pleaser. Big riff? Check. Big chorus? Check. Full on rock and roll? You betcha. 


‘Let Me Go’ also sees singer John Drake on fine form, his exasperated vocals burst through the riffs as he tells the tale of a particularly toxic relationship that he just can’t seem to shake. Also, he somehow manages to rhyme ‘pedestal’ with ‘kill’, which is an impressive mangling of the English language by anyone’s standards, but it doesn’t detract from another passionate performance from the frontman.


‘Let Me Go’ is a three-minute belter of a track, a live favourite in the making and the sort of hook-heavy song that rock radio stations will lap up but, this being The Dust Coda, there is more depth to it than you’d hear from many of their peers. A more reflective middle eight shows they’ve lost none of their ‘Sweet Love Is Gone’ soul and hints that the next album is going to as equally wide-ranging and dynamic as the first.


Having seen Those Damn Crows (the other TDC) recently sign a record deal, it surely can’t be long before someone snaps up The Dust Coda, because on this evidence they’re only going to go from strength to strength. They’ve stated they want to be the biggest rock band in the world and if they keep pumping out songs of this quality who’s going to stop them?



John Drake: Vocals/Guitar

Adam Mackie: Guitar

Tony Ho: Bass

Scott Miller: Drums


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