Irish prog/ metal hard rockers The Dystopian Project (TDP) return with their new EP ‘Paradigm’, released August 1st 2017, as a follow up to their 2015 debut EP’ Death Leaves an Echo’.


Encapsulating a sound that transposes across musical boundaries of symphonic/melodic rock, progressive rock and metal, ‘Paradigm’ ensures that TDP pull together a wholly satisfying EP that will draw you into their creative and subliminal world and leave you wanting more. The harmonies between the male and female vocals work really well together, complementing each other while being juxtaposed against the skilfully composed instruments that hit hard as you would expect them to, but, with the addition of guest musicians Ewen Ferguson on the piano/keys and Raych V. Corcoran composing the sound design who adds a lighter more delicate edge, TDP really fill in every second of space available in their EP. Every song delivers impeccable quality, both vocally and musically. At 39 minutes long you certainly won’t be disappointed by the sheer amount of talent that is displayed within the EP.


‘Ashes of Time’ begins with a ghostly vocal of sounds that seem to drift along from beyond, like an echo would drift along the halls of an empty building. The track comes to life with a beautiful mastered guitar and piano intro and the entrance of grainy male vocals begin before the harmoniously beautiful vocals of Tess Olivia join in and the whole track comes to life. The light fall in tempo and the elegantly played piano adds layers to the music that play on all the senses. A beautifully composed track.


‘BGN’ has a heavier bass tone throughout, the light feeling of the previous track has dissipated and the tone of the vocals are harsher, deeper and more urgent in their delivery. The harmonies are executed beautifully and again the track delivers an agonisingly beautiful guitar riff that shreds thorough the track at a wonderful pace before bringing the track to climax. Another great track! ‘Death Leaves An Echo’ starts with a guitar solo that actually echoes across the music, the light diaphanous piano is transient in its effect leaving way for the delivery of a harder edged sound and a deep brooding riff that leads to those beautiful vocals from Tess Olivia once again.


The EP is concluded by an epic soundscape of diverse genres all blended into 19 minutes and 6 seconds of prog rock heaven. ‘The Utopian Suite - (Ascension Acceptance Decline)’ begins with a gentle piano and guitar intro, the melody is beautifully composed, the light gentle playing added to by rhythmic drums building a serene and soft intro before the song explodes into a heavy rock driven track, the electric guitars, the bass and then the angelic vocals from Tess kick in. The male vocals juxtaposed beautifully with those of Tess, the harmonies are tight and immensely pleasing to the ears. The power of the song is intense, the build and flow, then the ebb away into softer moments before the build to the crescendo. There are beautifully composed interludes between the different sounds of the Suite. The transitions between the sounds are hugely engaging with the mix of the light and heavy sections holding my attention throughout. In a live setting I can imagine this track would be awesome! Awe-inspiring track, well worth the listen if you like symphonic prog rock / metal meets hard rock.


Without a doubt The Dystopian Project are a band to watch out for! Check out more from them at the following links:





The Dystopian Project are:

Tess Olivia - Vocals

Ivan Sullivan - Bass and Vocals

Hytham Martin - Guitar and Vocals

Phil Dolan - Guitars

Darrin Bell - Drums and Percussion


Special Guest musicians are:

Ewen Ferguson - Piano and Keys

Raych V. Corcoran - Sound Design


Album Mixed and Mastered by Fergal Davis

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