The Final Clause of Tacitus released their debut EP, ‘Peace in Chaos’ at the beginning of 2017, a year after the original four-piece from Reading formed the band. Thirteen months of gigging down the road, with a change of drummer in the middle, and the band’s second EP ‘Not Like the Rest’ is imminent, funded with the aid of a Kickstarter project which includes some unique pledge reward bundles!

‘Not Like The Rest’ opens with some crackling reminiscent of an old scratched vinyl record and some spoken words about how people are not in control of their own lives. The start of ‘Tables Turn’ swiftly follows with a “Come on!” from vocalist Matt Dunne and some frantic fingering by guitarist Tom Burden. The funky bass employed by Andy Silva and thwack of drums from Daryl Malloy marry so well on this track. The slapping bass line on ‘5 Minutes of Funk’ (which actually only lasts for four and a half minutes!) brings to mind ‘Take the Power Back’ by Rage Against the Machine and it did get my feet tapping and head bopping. Towards the end of the track, however, I did start to find the vocals a bit repetitive.

Next up is ‘Fingerprint’, the main message of which is to not be like everybody else. There’s plenty of funky bass on this track, which reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The bass and thumping drums work well together under the very quick vocal delivery. Onto ‘Try Again’, which surprises me when it starts, as it sounds like it’s going to be a ballad, but then it quickly builds. Dunne’s vocals are raised to the rafters, screaming in places. Great guitar riffs and beating bass lines alternate on this track, and it feels like great fun.

‘Bad For Your Health’ is up next and there’s no denying this band’s energy and enthusiasm. The song starts with a glorious guitar riff, and then Dunne’s unmistakable vocals start. I think he sounds like a young Anthony Kiedis, Mike Patton and Zack de la Rocha mix but it just doesn’t quite work for me personally.

Last track up is ‘Walk on the Moon’, with that cracking funky bass and pounding drums combination. At the end of the song, there’s another social message, this time about how people get sick doing jobs they don’t like, “You see when you’re not pursuing your goal you are literally committing spiritual suicide,” I applaud the message. If you can, follow your dreams and do something you love!

Musically, a fairly solid second EP from this band. If you like your rock with a side order of funk, The Final Clause of Tacitus could be just up your street!

The Final Clause of Tacitus are:
Matt Dunne - Vocals
Tom Burden - Guitar/Vocals
Andy Silva - Bass
Daryl Malloy - Drums

Turn Tables
5 Minutes of Funk
Try Again
Bad for Your Health
Walk on the Moon

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