THE HOT ONE TWO - Come Whatever May

Samantha Lloyd


Cambridge based rockers The Hot One Two are a band you really should keep an eye on with their intensely contagious rhythms and driving riffs they really know how to grab your attention and keep you listening! In April 2017, despite only being together for 3 months, they won Best Live & Best Rock Act 2017 in the Cambridge Band Competition and have featured on BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire. Their debut EP ‘Come Whatever May’ was released 15th September 2017 and it’s good!


I picked up their EP to review and if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting to hear such a great sound. Josh Hill has some awesome vocals! He sounds amazing (and in my opinion, so much like ex-Saving Abel singer Jared Weeks). There are 5 tracks on the EP, 4 of which are studio tracks and a live session recorded at Hazelwood Studios, spanning 20 minutes of groove laden hard rock.


First up is ‘Flush’. It’s energetic and fast paced, with vocals that propel you through 4 minutes and 18 seconds of enjoyable, foot tapping, groove laden classic rock with a modern twist. Straight away I’m hit with the vocals from Hill that sound more deep south whiskey soaked than I was expecting. This track will hook you in and spit you out wanting more.


‘Better than you Know’ has a great intro that builds the track through the verses and bridge before hitting a home run with the catchy chorus that really hooks you in. These guys really know how to build a track that has everything, booming drums, and heavy galloping riffs from Jim Guy and Nick Manners. ‘Martial Law’ continues with the same high energy and catchy rhythm of the previous 2 tracks. The intro is a slow burner, building nicely before Hill seduces his way into your ears with his alluring vocals. Hill’s vocals are very distinct and you would recognise the band straight away on the radio, like how you immediately recognise the vocals of Chad Kroeger or Brian Johnson and know you’re listening to Nickleback or AC/DC. The Hot One Two have that distinct recognisable quality to their tracks and that is key in my opinion. Too many bands blend into the mix of thousands of other bands, but these guys stand out with their sound.


‘Neon’ has a nice swagger to it, the drums juxtaposed perfectly with the heaviness of the bass from Nick Blackburn, while those vocals just pour themselves all over you. ‘The devils here to stay’ and I most certainly hope he’s bringing a fire extinguisher, these guys are on fire! More killer riffs from Manners and the boom boom of drums from Joe Chivers that bring the track to a close. Finally, we come to the live session track ‘Rolling Stone’ that has the same alluring swagger and driving riffs that are going to take these guys far if they keep churning out tracks like this. The production of the album is pretty much spot on and I can’t fault it. The whole EP has me bopping along to it.


The launch party for their debut EP is on Saturday 4th November 4th at The Blue Moon, Cambridge. Go check them out and follow this link for details:





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