THE KING LOT - A World Without Evil (Album)



This album is yet another exemplary diamond in the underground UK music scene. 2017 was a great year for incredible music releases and this is the first release of 2018 to really prick up my ears. I have a re-invigorated perception of hard rock now and The King Lot are partly responsible. 


“A World Without Evil” the title track and powerhouse opener does little to indicate the variation that ensues throughout. It is a heavy stomper complete with an anthemic chorus that tells you this band are all about positivity. Motivating the listener lyrically and rhythmically, the compositional skill is displayed from the off and it does the perfect job of opening the record.


Straight into the upbeat tempo of  “All I want” which should absolutely be a huge radio hit. It is here that I really hear the strength of the guitar. Structurally a very simple song and it doesn't need to be anything more to take you in. The guitar work is inventive and broad. Being a solitary guitar player in a three piece is a hard job. Jay makes the guitar parts huge by using big chord voicings and effortless style that fills every moment of this song.


“Damaged Girls” has a gorgeous atmosphere to it. A real gut punch chorus and memorable lyrics from the off. The vocal at the bridge sends chills as Jason reaches the heights of his range with a cavalier awareness of how good he is. One of the best singers I have heard in years and I DO NOT say that lightly.


The following track “Save Me” is a mid tempo, groovy, melodic song. A huge sing-along chorus features and I feel will only be amplified in a live setting. The guitar solo is also amazing. I hear Steve Lukather. Yeah he is that good. Buy the record and find out.


“Lonely” is almost a pop rock song. These guys are not afraid to switch between great pop hooks and dirty rock n roll. There is such a seamless balance which I feel is held together by the flawless production continuity between the mix of the songs. Complete with ooooh's and textbook harmonies in the chorus, it's like Def Leppard listened to this album before writing Hysteria.


The heaviest cut is definitely the broody chaos of “Outlaw”. It is here you can really hear the versatility in Jason's voice. He can go between a bluesy, almost Coverdale (Whitesnake) timbre to a Brad Delp (Boston) melodic clarity in the space of a breath.


The unsung hero of the piece is the rhythm section of Jason and CK. “Missing You” has such a storming rhythmic undercurrent which gives the most ballad-esque cut the chance to shine through its simplicity.


An absolute ear worm on this record is track 8 “Hearts on Fire”. You will be singing this song for days after listening to it. So catchy, so melodic. So huge. Just a great rock song. Nothing more to it.


“Letter” is a very laid back rock song. This sounds very American to me. I can't pin point why. It has a very nostalgic feel to me. I feel like I have heard this song before. The power of a great song surely?


The final track seems to book end the concept from the first track. I may be wrong? The audience decides, screw you King Lot. Powerful lyrics that are partnered with a stunning video made by Andy Pilkington. It was the first song released from this record and what a powerful song to start with. “Hands together, to pray to a god, we don't even know exists”. My favourite song from the album.


They can write incredible pop hooks. They can write anthemic rock songs. They can write powerful pieces with challenging concepts. I mean this is a band nailing it from every angle.


A very early contender for album of the year for me already. It will take a special rock or metal album to top this for me. Thanks lads and as always BUY THE ALBUM!


Band Members

Jason Sweeney (Vocals/Bass)
Jay Moir (Guitar/Vocals)
CK Gillon (Drums/Vocals)


Track list:


A World Without Evil

All I Want

Damaged Girls

Save Me



Missing You

Hearts On Fire


Maybe They're Watching Us



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