The Lightness of Being (EP)



The Lightness Of Being are a London-based alt rock band formed in 2009, with influences including Deftones, Queens Of The Stone Age and Mastodon. The four musicians aim to deliver "alternative rock with a slight experimental, sometimes hard-hitting edge", and are developing quite a local following after heavy gigging around London. Their third EP, 'Diversions', is released 1st June 2018 and follows 'Directions' and 'Movements'.


I'll be honest and say that these guys are new to my radar but I'm delighted to say I found the EP exciting, giving me a mix of hardcore grunge and melodic atmospheric indie rock tracks. The first track, 'Bottomfeeder' (great name btw!) is dark and sinister; a song in attack mode, with huge riffs adding drama and energy, and a black metal-infused chorus. A haunting melody creeps in at around the 2-minute mark which brings a further level to the track and a sense of foreboding. The band say the song is about the people society has left behind, and it's an impressive start to the EP which leaves me fired up about what might come next. I'm hooked.


'Cave' is more melancholic, the tuneful vocals leading towards a grunge-filled delight of a chorus with heavy instrumentals and a demanding, angrier vocal. The song opens very gently and unassumingly, almost dreamily, and grows in intensity and volume. The drums are just audible enough for the style of the track without being overwhelming, the guitars heavy, doleful and animated all in varying amounts. I love the style of this track, the nuances and the all-consuming climactic end. I'm excited about this band.


'Refute' is a groove-driven track with funky guitars, fuzzy riffs and a more rugged vocal - a real crowd-pleaser which will get people moving, a more excited sounding indie rock. It's catchy A.F. and the rush it gives me leaves me a little dizzy. There's an impressive guitar solo, not always present in alt rock but certainly leaving its mark. Love it! Now, to track down the first two EPs…


Excellent if you love 90s grunge, grunge-indie, or diverse alt rock with the kick of a mule.




The Lightness Of Being are:
Chris French - Bass
Gabriel Lim - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Sam West - Guitar
Sergiusz Brudek - Drums



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