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The Missing Letters are a 4 piece alternative rock band from Minneapolis who released their debut EP in 2016 entitled ‘Lucille’. Forming in 2012 The Missing Letters have played numerous live shows throughout the US and supported Buckcherry in August 2017, while also playing alongside the likes of Soundgarden, Neil Young and Pearl Jam.


‘Lucille’ is an awesome debut album, produced to a high standard and flawless in it’s delivery.  The EP starts with the track ‘Inmanic’ with its distorted guitar riff intro galloping into a heavy boom that has the music rocketing out of the gates running hard and heavy, with smashing drums from Shannon Drymalski and killer vocals from Bryan Murphy. Jonny Capello on the bass strums some deep rhythmic bass lines that lay a great foundation for this mid tempo heavy hitter of a track. ‘Lucille’ is up next with a bouncy bass intro, cheerful guitars and crashing drums and vocals. Murphy has a wonderful tone to his voice and the accompanying instruments all seem to blend so well, their sound well honed and cheerfully addictive. The peaks and falls in both the tempo and style makes this track stand out as it keeps you guessing what’s going to come next as it’s neither predictable and certainly not boring in any way. There seems to be a blues infusion at the core of this track that showcases the broad array of musical genres that can influence the genre of alternative rock. Great track, I love it!


‘Conscience Of A Badman’ starts unyieldingly heavy, the harder edge really suiting Murphy’s newly muted vocals that give a darker feel than the previous tracks. Guitars are heavy on the chords, the reverb blowing me away while I drive round town, I’m sure every man and his dog can hear the music escaping through my windows. The best of the fast tracks by far!


‘Anything But This’ starts slower with Murphy sliding into raspy, coarser vocals that gives a sultry feel to the track. The guitar solo from Josh Ripley is intensely captivating while the rhythm slowly teases the senses, the brief fall off of the music before the bridge and chorus adding an intensity to the track that begs for attention. Outstanding track, soaring vocals towards the end that makes the track just scream out, I’m just sorry it has to end. More like this please!


‘Tonight’ is the final track on the EP and it’s another stonker of a track. It’s slightly slower in terms of tempo but the delivery and punch of the music is just as fierce. The guitar solo half way through the track raises the bar again and thumps home the message that these guys are certainly a band to keep your eyes on.


The Missing Letters know exactly what sound they want to deliver and they do that with an intense maturity that echoes throughout every track on the EP.


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The Missing Letters are:


Bryan Murphy - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Josh Ripley - Lead Guitar & Vocals]

Shannon Drymalski - Drums

Jonny Capello - Bass

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