The Nights - 'The Nights'

Samantha Lloyd


If the great power ballads of the 80s were your thing then look no further than the debut album ‘The Nights’ from Finnish melodic rock band The Nights. The band are Sami Hyde (vocals), llkka Wirtanen (guitar), Jan-Erik Iivari (drums /percussion) and Harri Kokkonen (electric, acoustic and fretless bass).


Founded in 2015 The Nights were quickly signed by Frontiers Music Srl and on August 4th 2017 they released their self-titled album ‘The Nights’, an 11 track album that contains the heart and soul of classic 80s melodic rock; huge choruses, splintering pinch harmonic ‘squealies’ from the guitar solos, catchy beats and uncompromising ballads; so, what’s not to like I hear you ask? Well, let’s listen and find out..


Hitting the play button I was instantly hooked by the catchy rhythm of the guitar intro on ‘Welcome to the Show’, then a hit of heavy bass and I’m thinking ‘YES!’.. a good start to the album and I’m feeling optimistic. Next up is ‘Nothing but Love’ and it starts out with a heavier intro than the first track, I like it! I feel it build and then to my surprise it flat-lines and the bass drops away.. where did it go? This song just became more pop than rock for me and sadly, I have to say the same for ‘I Wanna be your Superhero’; the intro is good then another flat-line before the build up to the chorus.


‘Juliette’ is upbeat and catchy but the chorus and hooks are predictable which to me is a little disappointing. ‘I Will Never Stop Loving You’ and ‘You Belong to me Tonight’ are the typical 80s ballads, they’re slow and filled with heartfelt silky smooth vocals from Sami Hyde with huge choruses that make the music soar. Great tracks! ‘Elegy (You Should be Here)’ is an unusual track as it begins with the sound of pouring rain, evoking a gloomy kind of feeling and then the music kicks in and its surprisingly upbeat with catchy ‘woah-wos’ that have you instantly singing along. Is the track supposed to be gloomy or happy? The intro and body of the track seem to be in direct contrast to one another, especially at 4:37 when the rain returns and a ghostly/mournful element re-emerges before again kicking the upbeat rhythm in again. I’m just going to sit on the fence for this one..


There are some truly accomplished guitar solos on the album, especially on ‘Take me to Heaven’ and ‘’Hold On’; the choruses throughout are predictable, the lyrics and chord progressions are wholly conventional but that’s not a bad thing at all as I instantly feel a familiarity in the tracks that remind me of why the 80s power ballads were so popular. For a debut album it’s good, but it’s not great. I have a feeling that The Nights have far more to offer in the future.


Track Listing:


1.      Welcome to the Show

2.      Nothing but Love

3.      Juliette

4.      I Will Never Stop Loving You

5.      In a Blink of An Eye

6.      Hold On

7.      Elegy (You Should Be Here)

8.      Take me to Heaven

9.      You Belong to me Tonight

10.  I Wanna be your Superhero

11.  We Can Rule the World

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