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Hailing from rural Edmonton, Canada, The Order of Chaos have spent the last decade honing their craft onstage all over Europe and China, sharing the stage with the likes of Vicious Rumors, Rage, Helstar, Ensiferum and Battle Beast. Having three albums and an EP in their back catalogue and another EP on the way, The Order of Chaos have already set the Canadian music scene alight, gaining Heavy Metal Recording of the Year in 2013 for their second album ‘Burn These Dreams’.


‘Night Terror’ begins with a hard and heavy drum beat, followed swiftly by a powerful guitar riff, then Amanda Kiernan’s melodious vocal joins in to start the opening verse, before drawing you in to the melodic chorus. A fast and furious beat from the bass and drums is constant throughout the whole song, and the lead and rhythm guitars really work in perfect harmony. I couldn’t help but tap my toe along as I was listening.


I must talk about Amanda’s voice. At times so beautifully tuneful and clear yet at others more hardcore raspy/shouting in style, she covers all bases on this one song alone! At all times, it’s easy to make out the lyrics, and for me that’s a huge bonus. I find it a massive turn off if I can’t hear what the hell someone is singing about. The song is about nightmares and the words fit perfectly, “Dark shadows they surround me, I’m paralysed with fear, breathless and confused I wake”. Describes nightmares a little too well for me!


Hearing ‘Night Terror’ has prompted me to find out more about The Order of Chaos.


‘Night Terror’ is released on 23rd February 2018 on Killer Metal Records


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The Order of Chaos are:-

Amanda Kiernan - Vocals

John Simon Fallon - Guitars

John Saturley - Guitars

Tim Prevost - Drums

Barrett Klesko - Bass


Check out the video for ‘Night Terror’ here:-


Find out more and connect with the band here:-



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