THE RAMONAS - First World Problems

David Sansoni


The Ramonas are, Lisa Lathwell – Vocals, Maxine Cahill – Guitar, Vicky Smith – Bass & Camille Phillips – Drums.


The Ramonas are an all girl tribute to the iconic New York Punk band The Ramones. Formed in 2004 these four loveable cretins (their words) have been playing their high energy one hour live shows up and down the land. So what happens when a tribute band decide to record an album of original material?


Track 1. (fuck this), nothing shocks us anymore, 2:02 of teen rebellion and alienation. This very much sets the pace for the album. This is retro punk. Fast and furious. I guarantee by the time 2:25 of track 5, First World Problems finishes you are singing or screaming the infectious ‘you’ve got problems, I’ve got problems, first world problems’ which is the title track of the album. Track 7, Tearaway is one of the albums highlights which also includes the Punk Harmonica of The UK Subs legendary frontman Charlie Harper. You’ve got just 1:31 to enjoy it. Fast, melodic, get in there do the job and get out again. No messing. The record concludes all too soon with track 14, 2:31 of Microwave Mandy, lyrically what a good Punk song should contain, Microwave Meals, Radiation, Illness and finishing with a ding.


It would be difficult the review the album track by track. If you want variety you won’t find it here. If you want to listen to modern Punk songs you won’t find them here. If you want to listen to a 1976 inspired Punk album First World Problems is well worth a listen. From the beginning to the end short, fast, angry tracks everything a good retro Punk record should sound like. So go on, lace up your Docs, pick up the cassette, grab the keys to your Dad’s Ford Capri, wind the window down and set the volume to maximum.


01. (fuck this)

02.   Roadkill

03.   Zombie Crawl

04.   Poser

05.   First World Problems

06.   The Daily Fail

07.   Tearaway

08.   Cotton Wool Kids

09.  I Can’t Cope

10.   Sue Me

11.   Quarter Life Crisis

12.  Ramonas Go To Freiburg

13.   V.O.I.D

14.   Microwave Mandy



‘You’ve got problems, I’ve got problems, first world problems’



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