THE REED EFFECT - A Strange Curiosity



The Reed Effect are a hard rocking trio from Toronto who have a deliciously dirty grunge sound with masses of attitude and a smattering of blues.


Kirk Reed, lead guitar and vocals, Chris Reed, bass and Bryan Fontez on drums bring a wealth of experience to this trio and it shows. 


Opening with ‘Down In Here’ the grimy buzz fuelled guitar riffs and downright dirty bass set the tone for what lies ahead.  Powerful vocals, catchy chorus and a soaring solo guitar make for a really nice track.  ‘Get in Line’ is slower, slogging hard hit drums and fuzzy guitars mingling together with a rich vocal.  


‘Red Rover’ perhaps does fit with the title of the album, I listened a few times to get it and after the initial ‘what the fuck’, I now cannot stop playing it.  The vocal is a total mash up of melodic rock and rap with a bit of a bluesy edge.  A marvellously mixed up track, very psychedelic with groovy drums, thumping funky bass and buzzing riffs. A strange curiosity indeed but a likeable one.


‘Leave It All Behind’ is back to the snarling guitar riffs, hard drumming and melodic catchy chorus.  ‘No Way Outta Here’ is a cracking track.  The rhythm of the drums and almighty riffs speak for themselves and the vocal is the best on the album full of richness and melody.


‘Still Want You’ brings the pace and tone down, a bluesy feeling track with a light delicacy to the opening before it builds with grimy, full on riffs and another great vocal.


Full of heavy grooves, hard skin thrashing, buckets of dynamic riffs and boundless energy, this EP is a mosh pit of hard rock, blues, rap and grunge and is a cracking listen.  The tracks stay in your head with so many catchy hooks they reel you in. ‘A Strange Curiosity’ is not so strange, It’s hard, it’s heavy and more importantly it's very good.


Track list:


Down In Here

Get In Lie

Red Rover

Leave It All Behind

No Way Outta Here

Still Want You


Check the band out here:

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