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The Unresolved are a Coventry-based rock/metal band whose first release Blackened Skies was in 2016. Live, they play covers as well as their own material. Their influences range from Black Sabbath to the Stereophonics, but when they play covers, they play them in their own way. In January 2018, they release their second EP 'The End Has Come'. A couple of weeks before the release date, they take part in Metal 2 the Masses Coventry, competing for a chance to perform at Bloodstock, and you may have seen them at this year's Winterfest in Macclesfield.


The first track 'Glorious Love Crimes' starts well with a nice strong intro, lots of thrashing of cymbals and passionate vocals. The sound is heavy and definitive. William's vocals are gruff and aggressive, the guitars are skilful and the song has a nice steady drum beat. The track is enjoyable and a good opener for the EP as it makes me want to hear more. My head is banging; that's always a good sign. There are some parts of the track which stand out for me, and these are; the chorus, which is beautifully sung and illustrates that this band know how to work their instruments, and the guitar solo about halfway through. The raw quality of the verses goes well with the softer way the chorus is delivered. I like this! It doesn’t recreate the wheel but it's a nice track which I will add to my playlists.


The next track is 'Gangsters' which has a very cool deep bass and a gritty lead guitar. The sound of this track is completely different. I feel like it's more Indie influenced and would have gone down well in the clubs I used to frequent in my youth (ahem). It's a short song so it might take a few plays to get the measure of it but I like it. Again, the musicianship is adept, the vocals are a little more refined and a lower key than the previous song, but I can't quite get over how different this sounds. It's almost like two different bands. Neither better or worse, just different in style.


Next we have 'Monsters' in which we get William's striking rugged vocals once again, dropping us a harder track. The guitars are at their finest here; the guitar is meaty and has a classic rock style that turns what might otherwise be a mediocre track into a great sound. This is delicious. It has a Halloween feel and the dirty laugh at the end of the track is pretty cool too.


'Burning World' is the last track and it's a belter. The song undulates between a gentle, moody vocal and a voluminous, stratospheric chorus. This is uncompromisingly ambitious and major-league, belt and fucking braces, rip-roaring good. What started off for me as an okay EP has just been turned on its head. You know when a track just takes you? Well that happened. I'm listening with headphones on and dancing around so much my son is "ashamed" LOL. I don’t care, I fucking love it! As expected, the music is great. What is different here is the energy, and this track shows off William's voice to its best. People listen to music for different reasons, and react in different ways and I think this track could be one of those rare songs that appeals to people regardless of whether they like to sing along, head bang, get hammered so bad they can't see, or sit quietly in a corner and listen. 


My only concern/criticism of this EP is that some of the tracks are so different in style that I wonder if the band has found their signature sound yet. Each song is good in its own right, I like some better than others but that's often the case. The second track stands out for me as being the most contrasting sound to what I expected and what is demonstrated by the rest of the EP. I get that they have eclectic tastes, so do I, but some people like a set style or type of music with little variation. Without a doubt the strongest track is 'Burning World' - this is a game changer. It's worth checking these guys out. Like me, they have potty mouths though, so be aware of who's around when you have your first listen. I'm looking forward to more from The Unresolved.




Band Members:

Andrew Williams - Vocals

Darren Bickerton - Lead Guitar

Nik Lavithi - Bass Guitar

Adam Gostick - Drums


Track Listing:

Glorious Love Crimes 



Burning World


Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Record Label: LAD Publishing and Records

Influences: Motorhead, W.A.S.P, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, T-Rex, ZZ Top, Sterophonics, Foo Fighters



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