By David Sansoni


Label – Self release

Release Date 22nd September 2017


The Virginmarys are –

Ally Dickaty - Guitar & Vocals

Danny Dolan – Drums


“We’ve always been hard to pigeon hole” say’s Ally.


The ‘Sitting Ducks’ EP is a four track follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed album ‘Divides’.  So has Ally given us a clue the band are taking a different direction to the melodic Punk, Brit Pop feel the band delivered 12 months ago.


You can be forgiven if you think you have heard the opening track somewhere before. If you are a fan of the Arctic Monkeys the opening track ‘Sitting Ducks’ will sound very familiar and not just in part to Ally sounding like Alex Turner. Track 2, ‘Sweet Loretta’ starts where the previous track finishes but takes on a definite 90’s Seattle sound as the track progresses. ‘Through The Sky’ continues with the pounding drum beat and melodic guitars combined Ally’s sublime vocals. The EP finishes with a complete change in sound and tempo. Things slow down with the addition of acoustic guitars for the final track ‘Sleep’


You can’t escape the fact that this four track EP has in part an Arctic Monkeys feel to it but this is can only be seen as a plus. So, is Ally right ? Can we pigeon hole The Virginmarys ? For now let’s take them out of the box labelled Pop Punk meets Brit Pop and maybe not place them into the box labelled Indie Rock but certainly lean them up against it for the time being.


Can you just pass me the Down The Front Media sticker with 4 out of 5 stars on it please.


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