Theia - 'Back In Line'

Samantha Lloyd


THEIA are a three piece hard rock band from Burton-on-Trent fronted by Kyle Lamley on guitar and lead vocals, Paul Edwards on bass and vocals and Jake Dalton on the drums. 'Back In Line' is their second album and was released on June 12th 2017 on WDFD Records. It is 10 tracks long totalling 38 minutes of mature bluesy heavy rock.


The intro of the album Keezheekoni, with the sound of an eagle screeching overhead, boots walking along wooden floor boards and the cocking of a gun, summons an image of the wild west which seems to set the theme throughout the album. From the cocking of the gun you are thrown into 'the midst of a bar fight' in My Poison, ensnared by the catchy vocals and beats of Whiskey Business (not to mention the somewhat cheesy saloon bar piano intro), before ending up with 'unholstered guns' and making a 'final stand beneath the desert sun' in Afterglow.


The whole album is a beautiful collaboration of heavy bass and drums, fast aggressive vocals with disciplined old school rhythm and blues rock 'n' roll that reaches a new level of maturity for Theia. It is gritty, dark in Back In Line and somewhat controversial in Just Go, a track about date rape and the need to understand that 'No, means no! Go, just go!', yet despite the meaning behind the lyrics the peak and falls in the vocals, the way the track fades away then comes back full force with drums banging and heavy guitar riffs is immense!


Signed Sealed Cemented with its repetitious chorus line and harmonies will get your head banging and feet tapping while hammering in the track title so that you can't possible forget what its called, 'Signed sealed cemented, signed sealed cemented'! Next we are thrown into the fierce catchy bassy riffs of Paper The House, a track that gives an account of a stage show where 'every single heart it jumps in time to the beat, the wooden floor is pounding to the stomping of feet' which pretty much sums up how the crowd are going to react to hearing this track live, especially when Lamley cries out defiantly 'Rock and Roll will never die!' and 'A thousand people screaming cos they all wanna hear some more!'. I, for one, definitely want to hear some more of this!


And  then out of the blue we are treated to the softer, more introspective track Sparkplug. A track that from the onset is stripped down from the previous heavy rock to a simple acoustic track allowing for Lamley's vocals to shine through so superbly. Slowly, the track builds, adding depth as it progresses until it finally reaches a mesmerising electric guitar solo that carries the track to its conclusion.


The penultimate song Home, a romantic acoustic track, has me hooked from the first strum of the guitar. Lyrically it is beautifully written and Lamley's vocals are strong and emotional, exploring not only the subject of building a home, but it encapsulates the idea of building the foundation to a relationship with your partner 'everyday another brick, every brick another kiss' and then creating a home for a family 'this room built for two is now a room built for three'.


Finally we come to the last track Afterglow, a 6 minute and 42 second round up of everything the album has to offer and it's seriously a great collaboration of musical symphony that begins slowly then lets you rock and bop with more catchy vocals, sublime heavy bass from Edwards and thumping drums from Dalton. This is a seriously engaging and mature album that is full of life and vigour. Its gritty and dirty blues rock is enticing and THEIA really know how to pack a whole boat load of sound into one album which truly showcases their extremely underrated talent as young musicians.


If you love heavy bluesy old school rock then go buy this album or catch them on some of their upcoming festival dates.


Album avaiable at:


Track list :

1.      Keezheekoni

2.      My Posion

3.      Whiskey Business

4.      Back In Line

5.      Just Go

6.      Signed Sealed Cemented

7.      Paper the House

8.      Sparkplug

9.      Home

10.  Afterglow


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