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Hands up, I’ll admit I’m already an admirer of Theia (pronounced Thee uh) after I bought their first full length album ‘Take the Pill’. I was also impressed, and a little touched that they took the time to put in a personal thank you card along with the cd. Also to further bias my opinion on this young band, reading the list of their musical influences; Buckcherry, AC/DC, Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, Thunder and Rival Sons, was like flicking through my own CD collection, so forgive me while I indulge myself in their latest big riffed, high octane offering on the altar of Rock and Roll.


‘The Ghost Light’ is actually their third album, due to be released in July 2018, and no doubt will build on the success of their previous releases as the band fill the summer months playing festivals around the country.


Opening the album with a symphony of strings and a marching drum beat that sounds like a call to battle, ‘What You Want’ bursts to life with an explosion of electric guitars and quick fire lyrics creating a colourful backdrop of noise for a battle between heaven and hell. This is a powerful salvo to start things off and grab the listener by the ear.


Drawing on their musical influences, mixing them all together and pulling out a potential classic rock anthem in the form of ‘Mask of the Day’, Theia have created a track that is full of familiar, yet fresh, riffs and harmonies. Lamley’s vocals cover a great range, and blends well in harmonies when Edwards joins in on the chorus.


The album takes a slightly sleazy turn, not really a surprise with a title like ‘Dirty Livin’, but full of catchy hooks, and a sing a long chorus that sticks in your head along with a guitar solo that draws the song to a climax with a thunderous roll of drums. The versatility and variation of styles continues into ‘The Revelator’ which opens with a bluesy, southern feel, supported by a subtle little harmonica fluttering away in the background, before blasting back to life into a big heavy riff, and wild guitar solo.


The bands maturity and versatility is really starting to show as the album progresses into the acoustic ballad ‘Over the City’. Continuing with the heavenly theme that keeps recurring throughout this album, the introduction of keyboards brings a softer side to what has always been a heavy rock band. But this is just a short excursion from the tried and trusted Theia formula of heavy bass and even heavier drums.


The second half of the album has a more familiar sound, starting with ‘Bring me Down’, which is a nod to debut album ‘Take the Pill’, it’s a full blooded, doom laden, guitar filled blast of apocalyptic rock.


Strangely, the title track to the album, ‘Ghost Light’ is a bit on the short side, barely lasting past two minutes, and is almost an instrumental. I was expecting a bit more from this one, and oddly it ends just as it’s getting interesting. Thankfully, next song ‘No Crisis’ makes up for it with its polished metal finish and topical political statement, it’s a shame our country wasn’t as strong and stable as these rockers.


If Jon BonJovi was ever to do collaboration with Metallica, the result probably wouldn’t be far off sounding something like ‘Children of Change’. Full of melodic harmonies, interspersed by evil guitar riffs and solo, you could almost imagine James Hetfield growling in the background somewhere.


 And to close out what has been their most varied and interesting album to date, ‘Throw me a Bone’ is a good old fashioned rock track to get your heart pumping and clear out those furred up arteries.



What You Want

Mask Of The Day

Dirty Livin’

The Revelator

Over The City

Bring It Down

The Ghost Light

No Crisis

Children Of Change

Throw Me A Bone


Theia Are:

Kyle Lamley – Vocals/Guitar

Paul Edwards – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Jake Dalton – Drums


Contact The Band:

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