THEM EVILS - Rollin' Stoned and Livin' Free (EP)



It’s not very often a band admits their name came from their mother’s spellchecker suggestion, but apparently if you miss-spell the town of Temecula, some phones will auto correct it to Them Evils. This could be a new form of subliminal advertising, not that this band aren’t already doing as much as they can in the way of promoting themselves on the road.


With the new EP ‘Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free’, and single ‘Got me Rockin’ just released, the band are appearing at The High Elevation festival in Colorado, then touring around their adopted home of California. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we see them in the UK. 


Looking like a casting call for the three musketeers, these long-haired, short bearded young men not only look the part, they certainly know how to sound like a classic rock band with a throwback sound straight from the seventies, but, with a modern blues vibe, and a touch of sleazy southern thrown in for good measure. With endorsements from Zakk Wilde, and tours supporting The Pretty Reckless and Alter Bridge already on their CV, the futures looking good for Them Evils. 


The six-track EP, released in May 2018 is full of fast riffs, and catchy choruses, not really surprising considering their musical influences include AC/DC, but there’s also a bit of The Rival Sons, and The Black Keys, along with those other Aussie rockers Airbourne.


Opening track ‘Gets me High’ is a typical rock ‘n’ roll anthem about drinking in bars, raising hell, and doing whatever it takes to have a good time. Griffin has the perfect voice for this type of sleazy banter and is ably supported in the chorus by the backing vocals from the rest of the band. For a relatively new band, they already have a tight, well-rehearsed sound, professionally produced by Kato Khandwala.


The carousing continues at ninety miles an hour on ‘Have One on Me’, with a nod to another influence, Led Zeppelin, and a tribute to ladies who like to dress to impress. ‘Practice What You Preach’ is a warning to people in glass houses not to throw stones, full of clichés and one-liners, all wrapped up in big riffs, and pounding beats, and with just a short simple guitar solo, meaning the listener is more focused on the vocals and the beat rather than the speed of the fingers on the strings. 


The highlight of the EP for me is ‘She Got Nothing’, a real sleazy innuendo filled groove, with lyrics straight out of Bon Scott’s book of chat up lines, rounded off with a fantastic fuzzy baseline from Massanari to complement Griffins short strumming and bluesy vocals. They must have had a few good lines left over after writing ‘She Got Nothing’, and just kept them back for their single, ‘Got me Rockin’, using the ethos that if you have talent you don’t need to hide it behind flare. This is a simple song, carried by the vocals, with just enough guitar to keep you rocking, and a good beat to keep you rolling.


Closing the EP is ‘Untold’, which follows the same formula already laid down previously, with the vocals telling the story, and just enough guitar to prove they can rock the blues, and Delaney putting in a heavy shift on the drums with a beat that could spill a pint at fifty paces.


Them Evils are:
 JORDAN GRIFFIN - Guitar, Lead Vocals


Gets Me High
Have One On Me
Practice What You Preach
She Got Nothing
Got Me Rockin


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