THESE WICKED RIVERS - Should've Known Better / Foolin' Mankind (Double A-Side)



Hailing from Derby, These Wicked Rivers have been slowly, but surely, chipping away at the rock scene since their formation in 2014. Following on from the success of their EP ‘II’ (read the review here) in April 2017, the guys headed back into the studio in August to record this double A-side release of ‘Should’ve Known Better’ and ‘Foolin’ Mankind’.


Both tracks have their now distinctive sound that combines powerful riffs, catchy hooks, a hard-hitting and solid rhythm section, robust vocals, and a whole heap of fuzz. There’s no doubt this band has been influenced by the likes of Black Stone Cherry.


‘Should’ve Known Better’ is the catchier of the two tracks; it opens with a hook that will be in your head for hours. When combined with the lyrics in the chorus, it is infectious. The fuzzy vocals give this track a sleazy southern rock feel, but vocalist John comes into his own when he fully opens his powerful pipes. There is a short, but blistering guitar solo from Arran, supported by the rhythm section who maintain that catchy hook. This track deserves to receive plenty of airplay, and I sincerely hope it does.


The heavier ‘Foolin’ Mankind’ opens with a heavy, gritty riff; a riff that is maintained by the rhythm section throughout the track, giving it substance and depth. You wonder just how deep the track has gone when it transitions into a 1970’s prog style mid-section which is almost hypnotising. However, just as you begin to relax, that heavy riff kicks back in and reminds you you’re listening to a rock band, not meditating.


This double release harks back to the days of double A-side vinyl singles and I think they’ve hit on a great idea. The tracks compliment each other and flow nicely when listened to back-to-back and would sound awesome live.


Both these tracks tick all the boxes for me and I highly recommend you check them out. One thing is for sure, this double release needs to come with a ‘Beware: Awesome Fuzz’ warning!


These Wicked Rivers have a few tour dates left this year which you can check out here, as well as gracing the second stage at this year’s Planet Rockstock.


These Wicked Rivers are:


John Hartwell - Vocals/Guitar
Arran Day - Guitar
Jon Hallam - Bass
Dan Southall - Drums


This double release will be available digitally from all online retailers and in hard copy form their online store on 17th November.


You can keep up to date on all things These Wicked Rivers at:

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