Thunderian Summer are a five piece guitar-driven band from Burton Upon Trent that evolved from a covers band around the end of 2016. Their EP 'BY THE GUN' was released 27 October 2017. I can't introduce these guys any better than they introduce themselves on their website:-


‘After wandering the Derbyshire wilderness with only a guitar for company, Al found himself hitching a ride with a trucker who spoke only in song. Growling melodies born of both pain and desire the pair quickly resolved that together Rock n roll was their future. They found an ageing bass player lost in a long forgotten depot of the Royal Mail. A stop at a pub on the A511 brought them to a Juke box, which, when loaded with a fifty pence piece grew tiny hands and played any song requested. Finally out of the darkness and not wavering from the full beam was a Spanish matador with drum sticks held aloft... And Thunderian Summer took its form.’


'Just a Soldier' is a polished, melodic song, which has a subtle musicality and resonant, nasally vocals that remind me a lot of Hot Fuss by The Killers, an album I still love today. In fact, I did some searching as I wasn’t convinced it wasn't a cover. The music is stylish and accomplished, and DT's voice is deliciously deep and expressive. This track gives us the title of the EP in its chorus "I will live by the gun, and I will die by the gun… ", the message is the weapons, or values that you embrace will be the ones that cause your downfall; your enemies will inevitably use your tactics against you, so be careful which tactics you use. It's poignant and heartfelt and has some lovely guitar work. For me, the main strengths of this track lie in its subtlety, nothing is over done but everything fits perfectly, and the intoxicating melody. A great start.


'Man I Want To Be' has the same musical tone to the intro but the vocals are deeper still, with a gruff and almost weather-beaten edge. The passion of the vocals remain, the guitar is simple and hypnotic, and the drums provide a steady foundation to the track. This is a different style to the first song, darker and more complex. There's a good flow and the dynamics are good. At first I wasn't sure the distorted echoey sound to the vocals was to my taste but after a few listens I'm reminded of The Animals - a great 60s rock band - and I get it now. It just shows how you need to give something your undivided attention sometimes. DT growls his way through this melancholic track; it's emotional and has a vintage vinyl feel.


My concern with the final song, 'Think It's Time', is that I can't always tell what he's singing - and I do love to sing along - I can't hear all the narrative, and this is something I find important when listening to music of any genre. The form and the musicianship are good but for me this track isn't unpredictable and it doesn't stand out from the others. There's nothing fresh and new here. I'm not overly familiar with Gaslight Anthem but listening to a few tracks tonight, they seem to be a major influence.


A good debut from Thunderian Summer. I think this band is still finding its feet and own identity. Be ready when they do!





DT - Vocals

Big Al - Lead Guitar

The Juke - Rhythm Guitar

Pops - Bass

Pabs - Drums

Track list:

Just a Soldier

Man I Want To Be

Think It's Time

Bonus tracks on Soundcloud not reviewed.


Genre: Rock





Facebook- @thunderiansummer

Twitter- @ThunderianSum


The three recorded tracks plus bonus demo and live tracks can also be found on Soundcloud


Influences include: Foo Fighters, Gaslight Anthem, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin.

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