THUNDERMOTHER - Self Titled (Album)


When Fillipa Nassil was left without any band members back in 2017, she dusted herself down and rose like a phoenix from the ashes with a new line-up and an outstanding new album. Ladies and gentlemen, Thundermother are back. And they’re bigger and better than ever.

Thundermother have been on a whirlwind ride since they released their first album in 2014 and will release their new self titled album on 23rd February, having recorded over ten productive days in Skara with acclaimed 3 time Grammy winner - Producer Thomas Plec Johansson. The new line up have wasted no time and have already performed together live across Europe, including their greatest accolade to date – Wacken Open Air, where they won-over ten thousand discerning metalheads. The new line up of Fillipa Nassil (guitar), Guernica Mancini (vocals), Sara Pettersson (bass) and Emlee Johansson (drums) can be compared to ACDC and maybe even early Deep Purple, but with the pace and passion of the Australian madmen Airbourne.

The album is powerful, passionate and above all – a great listen. The opening salvo is a solid and steady statement on what this album (and the band) is all about. ‘Revival’ is a riff-laden story of coming back and captures a 70s classic rock feel with tight rhythm and melodic vocals. It would have been easy to start the album with a full-on pacey track but this sets the scene and perfectly captures the attitude of this re-born four-piece.

Nassil freely admits she likes to feel her heart pumping when she’s playing and the next track achieves this in spades. New single ‘Whatever’ lifts the pace and is a no-nonsense track that captures the spirit of moving on despite the odds. The song has attitude and you won’t be able to resist the urge to stomp your feet and engage those neck muscles! ‘Survival Song’ builds on the theme as the title suggests. There is a hint of the Sex Pistols behind the subtle guitar melody but this is a rock n’ roll song that deliberately holds back then builds to a bluesy solo. The first three songs on the album will no doubt feature in live performance as they work well together and instantly grab attention on stage.

‘Racing on Mainstreet’ and ‘Rip Your Heart Out’ are unashamedly delivered full in the face. The titles aren’t wrong – these are fist pumping and the staccato snare on the latter breathes pure passion. This style is what the band will be remembered for but knowing that changing the attack will add to the product is evident in new single and power ballad ‘Fire in the Rain’. This is the bands first ballad and it is a perfectly produced song with haunting vocals and a classy solo. Nassil’s approach to achieve the fragility in Mancini’s vocal delivery was achieved by having her sing early in the morning before she had wakened properly. It’s ideas like this that make Thundermother more than just an average rock n’ roll band.

‘Hanging at Your Door’ has a different feel to it. This is a more commercial track that will reach a broader audience whilst retaining the band’s authenticity. The song is well constructed and Mancini’s vocals are excellent intertwined with Nassil’s guitar work. I’m certain this is a hit!

‘The Original Sin’ and ‘Quitter’ lift the tempo again with Pettersson and Johansson driving the Thunder train. Their foundation holds the album up well and is a great indication that Nassil has gathered a solid unit to take the band forward and ‘We Fight for Rock n’ Roll’ proves that point. Released as a single in 2017, this was a flag in the ground to stake the claim that they were back. ‘Follow Your Heart’ is an altogether more relaxed affair with a hook to die for in the chorus. The lyrics are heart-felt and reflect on the band’s journey thus far. The song opens up towards the end into a galloping crescendo with ripping guitar and featuring Mancini opening up to deliver a fantastic vocal performance.

As the album heads to the finish line, ‘Children on the Rampage’ has a feel of The Cult (minus the tambourine) with a solid bass line driving the song. The vocal melody in the chorus and interesting bridge are awesome and ensure the album is consistent to the final song ‘Won’t Back Down’. The track employs a 6/8 rhythm that Nassil describes as “like an ACDC song in waltz tempo”. The lyrics provide a perfect summary to the album’s theme and approach.
Thundermother are a band that has bounced back. They are stronger, even more committed and are ready to roll any punches thrown. This album will fight its corner among the heavyweights and will see them conquer 2018 with aplomb. Buy this album. Again....Buy this album....and play it loud!

Thundermother release the album on 23rd February on Despotz Records.

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Track list:-
Survival Song
Racing on Mainstreet
Fire in the Rain
Hanging at my Door
Rip Your Heart Out
The Original Sin
We Fight For Rock n’ Roll
Follow Your Heart
Children on the Rampage
Won’t Back Down

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