TIDES OF IRE - The Burning Sea EP

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Tides of Ire are a Metal/Nu Metal 5 piece band from Kent.  Members Aiden Jee (Lead Guitars), Leonardo Ozorio (Drums), Sam Alldridge (Bass), Matt Kateley (Rhythm Guitar) and Mark Wills (Vocals) formed in 2015 and spent their first year together writing songs and rehearsing only then starting to play local gigs around Kent.


Aiden Jee left the band in 2016 being replaced by James Daniel Harper and in 2017, the band participated in Metal 2 the Masses and signed a deal with Deadwave Records.  They list their influences as Gojira, Machine Head, Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit.


Released in July 2017, The Burning Sea EP is recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios.


‘The Burning Sea’ opens as an into to the EP with an ethereal voice softly rising as the music builds in crashing waves setting the scene to the first full track of the EP ‘December Nights’, with delicious snarly guitars providing the platform for a metal rap, full of storytelling anger panning out into a catchy melodic chorus. I’m loving this!


‘Extraction’ slugs its way into a slogging heavy pace and hard crashing drumming sitting firmly under the slower paced rap, as Mark leads you both through and out of the music.   Music, which continues to growl and thump away impressively, painting a picture without needing the words to explain its darkness. It then blazes – building and crashing to its closure.


‘Repent Replenish’ is a full on hardcore metal track.  A terrific vocal rapping and singing with all the anger and melody needed to move the track up to a dizzy height.  For its variety and clarity, this track should lend itself to a great live performance. Clean beating pulse and tight riffs climbing higher out of the dark metal bringing the EP to a close.


This is cracking nu metal EP from a band with a clear identity and excellent storytelling abilities.  The experience gleaned from taking their time writing and learning from the live local scene has paid off. 

If you like your metal hard and heavy, your rapping dark and expressive, you won’t go wrong with these guys


Track list:

1 – The Burning Sea

2 – December Nights

3 – Extraction

4 – Repent Replenish

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