TORQUED - Hollow Core (Single)

By Samantha Lloyd


TORQUED have hit the metal scene with quite an impact, landing festival appearances throughout 2017 at ‘The Mosh Against Cancer’, ‘Ashesfest’, ‘ Wildfire’ and the ‘Uprising Aftermath’, not to mention an invitation to perform at Bloodstock on the New Blood Stage. Quite impressive don’t you think for a band that only formed in November 2016? I’d say that’s pretty damn fine!


Hailing from Exeter this quartet have put together a single that should have everyone thinking about the choices that we make in life and the price we pay when we eventually have to cash in our cheques. ‘Hollow Core’ embodies the idea that eventually, if you have lived a life of excess, you’ll get caught, tortured and end up encased in a form of concrete known as the ‘Hollow Core’.


‘Hollow Core’ has quite a sinister feel to it, not only in the lyrics and the meaning of the song, but in the arrangement of the music too. The constant prattle of the drum (Kurt Johnson) is like a torture technique used to drive you crazy, the keys are dark and sinister in their tone and the bass (Marc Cleave) is heavy, drilling into your bones, gnawing at you from the inside. Then there are the insistent riffs that just pull you into the darkness of the track, hooking you in for more. Halfway into the track there is a brief respite of light keys from Stuart Shrubb, almost teasing, thinking you’ve escaped the concrete and torture before you’re taken back to the ‘Hollow Core’. Eerie and creepy!


Torqued are going to make quite an addition to the metal community. The band are Dave Grange (guitar /vocals), Marc Cleave (bass/ backing vocals), Stuart Shrubb (keyboards/ vocals) and Kurt Johnson (drums/percussion/backing vocals).


‘Hollow Core’ is a great single, mixed and mastered by Liberosis Music – UK.


Check out their lyric video on YouTube

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