TRIVIUM - Sin and The Sentence (Album)

Matt Jones


Track List:


1 The Sin And The Sentence

2 Beyond Oblivion

3 Other Worlds

4 The Heart From Your Hate

5 Betrayer

6 The Wretchedness Inside

7 Endless Night

8 Sever The Hand

9 Beauty In The Sorrow

10 The Revanchist

11 Thrown Into The Fire



Trivium are a band I may have a biased nostalgia for. They came around at a time when American metal was exploding in the UK. My generation couldn't move for Slipknot, Avenged, Trivium and Killswitch.


Trivium were the stand out to me as they had the classic style dual guitar thing going on. As a 15 year old kid who was just beginning to play guitar, they hooked me. Ascendancy and The Crusade are extremely nostalgic records for me.


I followed the band through their latter years and came across Silence In The Snow on release day and the record was flawless. I went to see them on that tour and now it's no longer nostalgia. I just love Trivium.


To me they are one of the most consistent metal acts of the 21st century. They evolve constantly but always sound like themselves. Every fan has a different favourite album which is refreshing.


So the new record... Enough of my nostalgia.


Opener and title track “Sin and The Sentence” is an expertly crafted metal song. It features all the key tropes we expect to hear from Trivium. Crisp production, stunning displays of drumming and dual guitars expertly interwoven. Matt's voice is the best I have heard it too. More on that later.


“Beyond Oblivion” feels like a show piece for drummer Alex Bent. Never thought I'd hear a blast beat in a Trivium track but it works. A new injection of life for the band here. Incredible drumming and a truly anthemic chorus to boot.


Next track “Other Worlds” sees Matt really stretch his voice to new heights. Always the go to topic for Trivium fans. His voice has always been the highlight of Trivium for me. Very melodic and full of power.  I smell a single...


Another melodic cut from the album is “The Heart From Your Hate”. It's nice to hear Trivium still taking chances this far into their career.


A brief hark back to Ascendancy with the trading harsh vocals to grossly infectious cleans from track 5 “Betrayer” leaves my pallet suitably cleansed at the midpoint.


The guitar solo from “The Wretchedness Inside” is sublime and then the rest of the song is a weak cut for me. Go away angry shouty man, I am sorry...


We get two more mid tempo songs with “Endless Night” and “Sever The Hand”. The latter being a newer showcase of Matt's screams, you can hear the training in his voice now. It sounds much more open and free of death to throat techniques he had employed in the past. “Sever The Hand” ends in the stratosphere with a tempo change and a thrashy showcase of serious chops from drumming machine man once again.


“Beauty In The Sorrow” is visceral throughout. Even with the high octane chorus. A big song. Standout from the record for me.


Every album needs a shuffly tune haha. Trivium riff away to the almost power metal esque vibes of “The Revanchist”. The drummer needs to calm down... in a good way.


Album closer “Thrown Into The Fire” is a classic Trivium track. This track is the same issue I have with every Trivium record; I never feel they pay attention to the sequence of tracks. It's a small nitpick but has validity to my prog ass. I feel “Beauty In The Sorrow would have been the best ender personally but hey ho I am sure they can justify why I am wrong.


This is a great addition to Trivium's discography and I am sure the fans will love the album too. It does not disappoint anywhere.




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