TRUCKER DIABLO - Fighting For Everything

Morag Farley


The Northern Irish rockers are about to release their fourth album the second one funded through Pledge Music.  The album has already been made available to pledgers, and the wait for the rest of us is nearly over with an official launch date of 14th October;  and then this high octane rush of heavy music is about to hit unsuspecting rock fans.


From the opening intro on the first track, you know you are in for a wild ride. The 11 songs on the album are brilliantly written, and are tracks that many well established bands would yearn to have in their repertoire.


With a complex riff on the opening track “Born Trucker’ and catchy lyrics you are on a rollercoaster ride through some of the best new music produced this year.  Before you can draw breath, the album moves into track 2 - We Will Conquer All. The song starts with a heavy guitar and drum into before Tom Harte cuts in with powerful words of determination. In the next few minutes, there are guitar solos that are intricate and skillfully executed, held together by the rhythm section.


Drown in the Fire hits you with a solo guitar hook with a hint of southernality followed by tempo and style changes which are seemingly unpredictable, but entirely in keeping with the sound and feel of the music.


The Northern Irish influences are evident in Voodoo II with hints of Ricky Warwick in the riffs and lyric constructions, before Let's Just Ride takes you deeper into the music. The title track comes next and is a cross between Black Star Riders and Nickleback - the good parts, obviously. It is an exceptional hard rocking track with thunderous guitar solos.


Over The Wall starts with a big guitar intro, and the riff that follows through the whole track leads to solos which are beyond brilliant. As the bands journey takes you through the heavy bass ridden Detroit Steel and Die for You, you wonder just how much more great music is possible.


The final track starts with a haunting violin solo. So different to the rest of the album that is makes you wonder if it is the same band. It continues through a ballad - entirely unexpected after 10 track of heavy rock. It is a great finale.


The entire album is brilliantly crafted. Taking you on a fantastic assault on your senses through challenges, adversity and love. Musically, this is heavy and heady, with excellent production. It is an album worthy of a place in any rock fans collection.



Trucker Diablo

Tom Harte -vocals lead guitar,

Simon Haddock backing vocals, rhythm guitar

Jim McGurk backing vocals, Bass Guitar

Terry Crawford - Drums



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