Twisted Illusion - Insight To The Mind Of A Million Faces

Lindsay Smith-Boam


‘Insight To The Mind of a Million Faces’ is the soon to be released new album from Manchester band Twisted Illusion.  Their critically acclaimed album, ‘Temple of Artifice’ saw them grab some high-profile support gigs with Kobra, Blaze Bayley and Massive Wagons. Will this, their third album give them even more success?


Well the simple answer is yes!  These guys are heavily influenced by 70’s prog and rock and it shows.  The mix of voices, the blending of the music with the tones and emotions throughout, this album is massive!


‘Reflections’ a good opener, asking you to listen in to the massiveness of the vocal complexity and skill of the band.  So many styles thrown into the paint tin and splashed across the face of the music you really have to sit back and listen.   


‘Worlds Apart’ an aggressive lyric with voices to match, thudding powerhouse of the rhythm section, fast paced and I would say a crowd pleaser live.  Matt Jones’s voice is so strong with raw power, it leads the track pushing forward and asking the rest of band to keep up.


‘The Problem with Eternity’ begins like it wouldn’t be out of place on an easy listening CD but then catches itself and reminds you that actually, this is so much more than that with very clever music, lyrics and vocal arrangements.


‘I Wish I Was There’ vocals competing in the style stakes with the music, ‘Textbook Tyranny’ is fast paced with layers of vocals sitting above the music and carrying a dramatic frustrated, angry feeling, even the riffs feel angry, screaming through to the finish.


‘Social Paradox’ shows more facets to this band, a sweetness and gentleness to both guitars and vocals, one of those eyes closed, lost in the riffs and vocals tracks only for the listener to be jarred back to consciousness by screams and a heaviness returning.


‘Three Strangers’ with multi-layers of vocals running into a stunningly clean riff – rhythmic drums keeping time while the guitar dances around – beautiful sexy bassline.  ‘Nobody’s Child’ begins with a light touch -  twisting to a stunning dexterous guitar riff, the vocal full of emotion ripping it up and as the song develops giving a stunningly powerful track.  ’Different Light’ another delightful track with riffs running wild, as is the vocal, shouting  at times before becoming melodic then screaming.. this is a playful track.


‘Insight to the mind of a million faces’, the best name for a song I’ve heard in a while and the title track of an album, its Piano opening repeating refrains which are then matched by some stunning guitar riffs – then the bass matching the riff, drums opening up to lead in powerful vocals. ‘Discovery’ does just do that – it is full of discovering another aspect to musicianship and vocal performances through a beautiful chilled vibe.  I love this track. 


This is well-produced with some great tracks seemingly written to sit along -side each other.  The result is a collection of songs each entwined in a myriad of vocal ranges, styles and arrangements but fitting together on this album beautifully.  It took me three listens to really get a handle on the complexity of not just the vocals but also the faultless music.  You almost get side-tracked from the music by the vocals at times which range from light, playful, to pure power and screams.


Some serious talent on show – well done guys, this is a great listen.


Catch the band on their forthcoming dates around the UK.


Twisted Illusion are Matt Jones, Matt McDade & Mark Wagstaff, and occasional member Jess Lawton. However, detailed on the album insert are Stephen Ellis – Bass, Philip Shacklady – Drums, Guitar & Vocals - Matt Jones, Vocals – Mark Wagstaff, Guitars – Jack Wild, and Jess Lawton – Keys.



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