UNQUIET NIGHTS - Promise Of You (Single)


‘Promise of You’ is the new single from Northern Irish band Unquiet Nights, the band of singer/songwriter/guitarist Luke Mathers.


This single is the first new music from the band since the 2015 second album ‘Postcards in Real Time’, which saw the band tour 9 countries and support million selling artists such as Bloc Party. I’ll admit I’d not heard of Unquiet Nights before but after listening to a couple of songs on their website I like what I hear.


‘Promise of You’ starts with a couple of brief, almost eerie guitar notes that give way to a pounding drum beat that continues throughout the whole song. I couldn’t help but sway and nod my head to the beat, it is really infectious. The simplistic 2 line chorus has a haunting quality that really stuck in my head after only one listen.


In the second verse, the lines, “There was a spiral staircase, and a painting of some angel wings” really conjured up that image for me. The song is about waiting for someone and believing things are going to turn out that way you want.


I’d not heard of Unquiet Nights before reviewing this track, but I’m looking forward to hearing more!


Unquiet Nights are:

Luke Mathers

Matteo Bussotti

Francesco Piciucchi

Available immediately on UnquietNights.com and from iTunes on Feb 16th.


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