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Valous are back with their third EP ‘The Four Last Things’. Released on 30th November 2017 Valous deliver 4 tracks of hard hitting melodic metal that is juxtaposed with solid battering drums and rhythmic guitar riffs that will certainly leave you with a satisfied feeling.


 ‘The Beckoning’ doesn’t hold back at all, from the offset its galloping riffs and battering drums will beat your ears into submission, you will either like this straight off the bat or you’ll be pummelled until you do, either way it’s a great track that will have you racing through the intro straight into the smoothly fierce vocals of Mat Shutt. The hooks are hugely satisfying while the riffs throw a nice fresh layer of metal shredding to tantalise the eardrums further. Awesome track! Next!


‘Weighing Of The Heart’ kind of freaked me at first. The semi Satanic/demon-esque style growl at the beginning of the track is a little unnerving; it was unexpected and creepy! The track itself isn’t as dynamic as the previous but it’s heavy across the bass section which I really like and the lyrics themselves are dark and heavy with the threat of judgement upon death, “show me now, which way I go… heaven sent or down below”.


‘333’ starts with an engaging and repetitive riff, the drums fill in with the slower pace before changing up the tempo and hitting hard into the build up to the verse and the chorus. A solid track though not as intense as the others on the EP. ‘Dextera Domini’ has a slightly sinister feel to it during the intro; the drums and riffs building the atmospheric feel of the track as it progresses through the opening 1 minute intro before the vocals kick in. A supercharged and heavy track to close the EP perfectly.


The EP title itself refers to The Last Four Things in life which are death, judgement, heaven and hell; and throughout the EP the references to these things are quite evident. I wouldn’t call this Christian metal or Religious metal but it certainly follows the theme of that. ‘The Beckoning’ is that a reference to death and the call through the tunnel of light that we supposedly pass through on our way to judgement or ‘Weighing of the Heart’ where we stand before the gates and are judged for our earthly sins. ‘333’ the holy trinity, and the promise of heavenly protection and then the last track on the EP ‘Dextera Domini’ actually translates to mean the Hand of God, or more precisely the right hand of God. If this isn’t a religious EP as such, I’m sure the lyrical content will raise a few eyebrows.


The whole EP has a more refined sound to it than the previous EP’s The Things You Once Knew (2013), The Devil’s Seven (2015); the production quality and sound has increased in depth and layers, adding a beefier over feel to the music. Vocally Mat Shutt has equally matured his sound, producing a more intense vocal then the previous EP’s. Throughout the riffs from Rig and Ben Read are more intricate, the sound more refined and the heavier riffs produced on this EP really complement each other and are juxtaposed nicely against the brutal rhythm section of Lee ‘Wilf’ Wilson on the bass guitar and Lee Wincott on the drums. The new addition of Wincott certainly has brought out a harder edge to the band; the pummelling heavy battering has added a layer to Valous’ sound that will help propel them further. Great EP guys, thoroughly enjoyed it.


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Valous are:

Mat Shutt – Vocals

Rig – Guitar

Lee ‘Wilf’ Wilson - Bass

Lee Wincott – Drums

Ben James Read – Guitar


Track Listing:

The Beckoning

Weighing Of The Heart


Dextera Domini


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