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Verity White is an award-winning singer from Cheltenham with an exciting and powerful voice. She takes inspiration from various places - from grunge to classic soul - and her lyrics focus on the expression of true human emotion. Verity started singing when she was very small, and says nobody's been able to shut her up since... Her singles are on the playlists of indie radio networks across the world, and her debut album, 'Breaking Out', came out in Winter 2017, following two previous EPs. Verity supported Pendragon on their European tour in 2017, and will be taking her new album on a tour of the UK in January 2018 (details below). With her husband Alex on guitar and production duties, this album is a family affair that sees Verity stepping forward and putting herself firmly in the spotlight.


The first track, the bluesy title track 'Breaking Out', has a wonderfully soulful vocal, a pulsating drum beat, and some platinum-coated funky riffs. The song is very well produced and is performed with real emotion, and a lovely job with the backing vocals which blend seamlessly with the main vocal. This is a bangin' prog-rock style track with a lot of soul and power, and is an introspective delight which introduces the musical theme of self-empowerment. 'Zeroes and Ones' is a ballad with balls which examines the end of a relationship, lyrically illustrating that we need to just move on sometimes, thus continuing the theme of assertiveness and control over your own destiny. Verity has a stunning voice and the rise and fall in tempo in this track illustrate some of her vocal power and versatility. There is a real Amy Lee (Evanescence) moment at around 3:50 which is not to be missed.


'Demons in Your Head' is an alt-rock gem which pairs a funky synth with Alex's first-rate guitar but, in my opinion, doesn’t truly show off Verity's vocal range. That said, this is a hugely enjoyable track which would be commercially-attractive. The crazy tales of drunkenness in 'I Don't Care', which was the first single released from the album last year, suggest that Verity could drink many under the table... #SnakebiteAndBlack. This track is a one-woman (with her band of course) party. The guitar is heavier which gives it more of a classic-rock edge, teamed with bluesy riffs and piano, I need a drink now #VodkaAndOrange.


'See Through', synth-heavy with an acoustic guitar, is a slower track which focuses on emotional scars. This is the most pop-like track on the album, it's commercially-ready and would fare well. It's my least favourite on the album though, along with 'Face It' which is sticky-sweet, again heavy on the synth but with a good, strong bass sound. The next track 'Exhale’ is a beautific ballad with plenty of attitude, a fabulous range and some stellar guitar work - my notes include the words "fuck me, this guy can play!" The song plays directly to Verity's vocal strengths and fluctuates between attitude, sultry and innocence, in a journey which is not too sentimental, but evocative and passionate. The lyrics are typically self-affirming - "you're stronger than you think" - which will ring true to many listeners. Absolutely. Love. This.


'Your Darkest Secret' is an upbeat number which is a bit Sophie Ellis Bextor meets Transvision Vamp, and I'm scared they might actually know my secrets…it wasn’t me. 'Slow Fall' is a phantasmagorical (it's a word!) piano-led tale about falling in love. The different instruments intertwine well with a smooth and sensual vocal, and we all like a good love story. I love how prominent the drums are in this song, above the guitar; it’s a luscious emotional and tender track with that ever-rich and consistent vocal, and it's one of my favourites on the album.


And last but most definitely not least, my favourite track on the album, and in fact of Verity's career to date, 'Overcome'. This final track is stylish, fresh, grungy, and has some killer hooks. Verity is gruff, gentle, powerful, and subtle all at once, and the echoey vocal effects at around 3:15 add yet more texture to the experience, in this Garbage-inspired beauty - "Let the feeling overcome you"; again and again. A fierce closing track.


Verity White's debut album is a unique collection of personal and honest songs which get their influence from rock, grunge, pop, and even punk. Her lyrics are poetic, her message is inspirational and her voice is sublime, there are riffs, hooks, retro synth sounds, and a bewitching piano forte. In all, this is a shiny, glossy, slick debut album which demonstrates Verity's vocal power and range, often in a hard-core alt/grunge fashion, and is her most authentic and compelling music yet. There are some real killer tracks on this album and Verity is well and truly in the driving seat. Stand-out tracks: 'Exhale', 'Slow Fall', and 'Overcome'.





Breaking Out

Zeroes and Ones

Demons in Your Head

I Don’t Care

See Through

Face It


Your Darkest Secret

Slow Fall





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January 12th – Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden, London

January 14th – Gwdihw Cafe Bar, Cardiff

January 18th – Mr Wolfs, Bristol

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