VESPERTINE - Paint The Darkness (Single)



Vespertine is an alternative rock trio from South Wales who formed in May 2016. ‘Paint the Darkness’ is a single they released in March 2017.


The track is almost 3 minutes long and is a fusion of several different sounds, rock, funk, and pop. The track kicks off with a guitar and drum intro that suddenly flows into bongo playing and some funky feel riffs. The bongos continue until about 1:25 where the bongos drop off and the drums kick in with full force. Musically the track is ok in its isolated parts, though I do not feel the transitions between the instrumental parts flows very well. The vocals are overshadowed by the volume of the instruments on the track; the drum track is too high, the guitar and bass are too high and it seems that the vocals get lost in the music somewhere. The production quality of the track is subpar and sounded rather tinny. The drum beat throughout the main body of the track is basic and lacking any real variation and then suddenly the track concludes with a very unnatural and abrupt end. Hmmm..


‘Paint the Darkness’ is definitely an original track as I can’t effectively make any comparisons between Vespertine’s style and any other band in the genre. I didn’t particularly enjoy the track, as a whole it didn’t exactly bowl me over; but that’s not to say that other people wouldn’t find their style of music entertaining.


Vespertine are:


Matt - Guitars

Spike - Bass

Dan - Drums

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