VOODOO BLOOD - 'Fresh Hell' (EP)



There’s a reason you got into rock and roll. There’s a reason you were drawn towards the darkness, towards dirty riffs and loud noise. Into this world of outsiders, of twisted freaks and outrageous characters. Everyone’s reason is different but there’s always something inside you that needs the over the top excess that is the true hallmark of rock music.


Some bands can tap into that primal need. Some can channel it through themselves. But some bands embody it completely. Voodoo Blood are one of those bands. This is music that circumvents your brain and goes straight for the gut. You don't need to know what exactly you’re listening to, you just need embrace how it makes you feel. And it makes you feel ten feet tall.


It is no surprise that Voodoo Blood are making waves on the live scene, theirs is the sort of music that reminds you of being a kid and first discovering music, but crucially without sounding like a copy of anything that has come before. Visually and sonically they are larger than life, a no-holds barred assault of the senses. They are not an easy band to classify, they’re heavy but not necessarily metal, they have a retro blues groove without sounding either retro or like a blues band. They are soul music because that is the part of you they inhabit rather than due to any great similarity to Motown – although singer The Voodoo Woman does have a soulful quality about it, like a very angry Mama Cass. They are dirty and raw but also precise and calculated. There is a carnival feel, but the music is gimmick free.


All in all they just play good old-fashioned, high energy rock music that gets your blood pumping and your feet tapping. And all done in their own inimitable style. That’s not to say that they’re flawless, the EP perhaps lacks a truly memorable stand out track to make the world sit up and take notice - although ‘I Go to Bed (When the Sun Comes Up)’ comes close - and it would be nice to have had another song or two to really get the feel for the band but overall this is an exhilarating collection of songs from a band that reminds you just why you got into rock music in the first place. Definitely one to watch.


Track listing:



I Go to Bed (When the Sun Comes Up)



Line Up:

The Voodoo Woman – Vocals

Sean Owens – Guitar

Chris Norris – Bass

Will Lewis – Drums


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