VOODOO SIOUX - (Falling Off The) Edge Of The World - (Single)

Graham Webb (Wiggi)


A relatively short intro leads into the first verse and with just 15 seconds gone I already feel like this track is heading straight for a top ten slot on my MP3 player.


Nikki Flaherty (Lead Vox) has a great style, smooth and yet a little gritty all at the same time, working harmonies and building the structure of the song as it progresses.


Mario Ermoyenous (Bass) and Nigel Halford (Drums) combine brilliantly to give the track a solid, backbone that skips along with a really nice, easy rhythm.


Jon JB Blakey (Guitars) is so talented that everything he does seems so delightfully easy to listen to.  Oozing his schmooze all over the track, topping off a very nicely written song.


This is not a “smash you round the head and make your ears bleed“ kind of song, more of a commercially orientated, easy rocking tune that would be absolutely perfect to have cranked up to 9 ½, as you drop the rag top down on your ride and cruise around on a sunny summer afternoon.


A touch lighter in comparison to many of their previous tracks, the foot tapping riffs and cheerful vibe is almost addictive, making me hit the replay button 5 or 6 times. The lyrical content is simple and effective with a sprinkling of clichés, that effortlessly blend together giving you a sing-a-long track that will be enjoyed by fans old and new.


The song utilises the happier chords and doesn’t try to be mind blowing, soul searching or god forbid, pretentious in anyway, just well written and well performed by four experienced and talented masters of their craft.


There are lots of bands trying to break on to the rock scene that would benefit hugely from watching, listening and learning from this track and especially this band.


I might be a little biased as this is one of my favourite bands on the rock scene at the moment and I’m not sure I am capable of doing justice to this song.  If you take it and listen to it for what it is, it’s quite simply an awesome track and one that I shall be playing time and time again.

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