We Three Kings - Embers EP

Naomi Jeremiah


28th October 2016 saw the release of the EP Embers by Manchester three piece WE THREE KINGS. Forming in 2016 after years of playing in various touring bands, Rich (Guitars/Vocals), Pete (Drums/Vocals) and Dawson (Sub-sonic Fuzz/Bass) really seem to have created something special with their blend of rock, blues, fuzz and noise into We Three Kings. They have an accomplished sound for a new band, which is telling of their prior experience and most definitely their talent.


'Brother From Another Mother' is the first track to kick off the EP. Stop start guitar riffs and hard hitting drum beats drive this track forward into the introduction of the vocals, which are distorted and dirty until the chorus kicks in. The track itself is catchy, and it doesn't take long before you have picked up the lyrics and feel compelled to sing along. A great rock track with a fuzzy edge and a great choice to open this 5 track EP.


'Disillusion' is up next, with a rhythmic melody running throughout, the vocals have a punky edge to them creating a sound much like a rockier version of The Clash with touches of The Who. A guitar heavy rock track, the solo parts help to break up the melody.


The third track on this EP, I have to say, is my favourite. 'Momma Said' has a 70s hard blues rock vibe whilst still managing to retain a modern sound, much like the way Rival Sons work. This is definitely a song that needs to be played loud! Opening with an awesome riff, the song just gets better and better throughout. '......I'm just not listening' the lyrics shout out, but this couldn't be further from the truth, I am listening intently, and so should you if you like this kind of sound. Rich's vocals are on fire on this track!


'Set Me Off' is the penultimate track, and rocks hard. '.........Set Me Off like a rhythm in motion' so apt as you can't stay still when this is playing. Whilst the guitar solo is not necessarily flashy it does serve the song well and adds another dynamic to the song. Pete boots the hell out of that kick drum, and in combination with Dawson they keep the rhythm of this song on top form throughout. I imagine that with the gang vocals this would be a great song to get the crowd involved at a live show. There are elements of Queens Of The Stone Age influences in this track too, which is music to my ears.


....and so we reach the closing track on what has been an epic EP thus far. 'White Lightning' is seriously hard rocking. Aggressive drumming with incredible fretwork build this song into a truly anthemic sounding track. Vocals are strong throughout, and have a soulful sound, until the backing vocals kick in alongside, and turn the lyrics into a shouty chant. A great track to end this EP with a bang!


Listening to 'Embers' certainly makes me want to see them live. If they bring the same energy to a live performance as they do their recorded tracks, we are all in for a treat when they hit the stage! They're now booking live shows for 2017, and I am waiting with great anticipation for the release of these tour dates.

This is a cracking EP and can be downloaded or streamed now from all the major digital music services. As debut EPs go, this is a fantastic start to their musical journey.

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