WHITE RAVEN DOWN ‘Conspiracy’ (EP)



Having reviewed their debut single, 'Take Me', a few weeks ago, I was hot off the mark when the EP came up for review. 'Conspiracy' is the debut EP for WHITE RAVEN DOWN, a new band from Southend-on-Sea. The band's name is a metaphor for bad luck, the white raven being the bearer of good fortune but this one being "down" is therefore of no use as a lucky charm. I don't think they’ll need that analogy any longer… 'Conspiracy' will be available from 15th June 2018.


So, I load the EP on my phone, press play, and… am not disappointed in the slightest. The first track, 'Broken Door', has solid drums, those lush emotive nasally vocals, and grimy riffs. The verses are stripped back, with haunting melodies, and lead into a huge rousing chorus. After 4 minutes, the track is moved up a notch and drives it home to the close. Bloody hell.


When I reviewed 'Take Me' I described it as "high octane, riff-fuelled" and I haven't changed my mind. I love the sound of this guy's voice, gritty and passionate, and the track has a deep-seated groove and an absorbing guitar solo.
'Not Alone' starts with a head-banging intro and has a vintage ‘60s style to the vocal and riffs, again, with that bottomless vocal. The hard rock instrumental is huge and the drums get a hammering, but there are also some indie touches to their sound which make it stand out in a crowded, talented market at the moment. It's melodic and memorable and I double-dare you not to sing along.


'Silence' is my track of the EP, a gentler guitar-led intro and the familiar WRD style of mellow verses against an anthemic chorus; "we will not be ignored". Indeed. The true extent of the depth and pitch of the vocal is more evident here, both the vocal and the instrumental rising and falling and taking my heart-rate along for the ride. The guitar work from 3:30 is simply divine, building to a roaring solo, adding to the thrill of the chase and excitement of the track. This song alone is like a three course meal - you exit the other side fully nourished and satiated. Heavenly.


'Salvation' crashes into the party like the A-list friend you’ve all been waiting for, with a vocal which is more gravelly but not any less emotive and stunning riffs. Again the beat is super catchy, fleshing out unforgettable melodies with vibrant vocals, and closing a momentous debut EP.


Remember the name, WHITE RAVEN DOWN. You heard it here first. The most addictive debut EP I've heard in a long while and a band where I instantly love every note and chord. There is some awesome new talent out there right now and these guys have the potential to help lead the way.


Buy it. Love it. Spread the word.


Broken Door
Take Me
Not Alone


Band Members
Bill Taylor - Vocals
Stu Bailey - Guitar
Luke Chappell - Bass
Tomas Mrazek - Drums




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