WHITE RAVEN DOWN - Take Me (Single)



From Southend-on-Sea, WHITE RAVEN DOWN have possibly the coolest name for a new rock band in the UK. Their debut EP is being mixed as we speak, and they've just released their debut single, 'Take Me'. The band's name is based on a story about a bison and a raven, the raven being the bearer of good fortune. 'White Raven Down' is the polar opposite, in that the band name is a metaphor of bad luck. Let's hope this turns around, and with this nugget I'm sure it will.


The single is high octane, riff-fuelled with a super cool groove. The vocals are just the right side of gravelly, gritty and raw yet melodic, creating a sultry, rich, warm sound. The track is catchy and memorable, and has stayed in my head for the last few days so it’s clear it stands out.


It's full of adrenaline and temptingly grungy, seizing your attention from the first note and not letting you free til long after it's finished. These guys are developing their own style of modern and classic, delivered with passion and balls, and I am loving it so far.


I love the tone of the vocal and the way this works with the instrumentals, making one huge wall of sound, in one of the most exciting debuts I've heard in a long time, 3 and a half minutes of hard rock heaven; "I got a revelation, I got you on your knees".


The drums pound, the bass lays a solid foundation and the lead guitar gives a screaming solo. All overlaid with some deep, rumbling vocals. I genuinely can’t wait to hear what else they will bring… Spot on. #jointheconspiracy


Band Members:

Bill Taylor - vocals

Stu Bailey - guitar

Luke Chappell - bass

Tomas Mrazek - drums






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