WIDMORE - 'This Hell' & 'The Only Thing Keeping Me Here' (Singles)



Bellowing their way into my review in tray are the Canadian Emo/post hardcore rockers Widmore with their intensely catchy and heavy scream fest debut ‘This Hell’ and follow up second single ‘The Only Thing Keeping Me Here’.


Recently formed, Widmore is a quintet made up of Jeremy Richardson (Vocals), Ruel James (Vocals), Eric Dupuis (Guitar), Jordan Howe (Guitar) and James Liam Ward (Bass), the latter three perform back up vocal duties throughout the tracks, adding depth and vocal complexities that are both fierce and powerful, complementing the contrasting dual vocals from Jeremy and Ruel.


‘This Hell’ is aggressive from the offset, my ears immediately accosted by passionately angry and full of angst vocals from Jeremy Richardson. ‘This Hell’ roars continually, those dual vocals supplied Ruel James and Jeremy delivering something that is both soothing and enraging while the instrumentation propels and soars throughout. The peaks and dips in the riffs, the change in tempo of the drums from a slow rhythmic beat to machine gun delivery adds variety while the bass complements this perfectly. An immense debut single!

‘The Only Thing Keeping Me Here’ has a much mellower introduction, the fuzzy guitars and spoken vocals of Ruel that lift into the track and the growling roar from Jeremy that blasts into your ears gives a different view of what Widmore can deliver in terms of a less aggressive intro that leads into the heavier side of their sound. The riffs are heavy and delivered well, the bass is direct and deep, the drums are thunderous but the main focus is solely the dual vocals that contrast each other. Mid track the group combined vocals add a unifying depth while Jeremy raises his growling roar above it all. Superbly delivered and a real scorcher of a track to get your teeth into.

For such a young band they have secured their niche sound already and that can only pave the way for great things.



James Liam Ward - Bass/Vocals

Eric Dupuis - Guitar/Vocals

Jeremy Richardson - Vocals

Jordan Howe - Guitar/Vocals

Ruel James - Vocals


Check out more from WIDMORE at the following links:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/widmoremusic/


Checkout their video for ‘The Only Thing Keeping Me here’ at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjZLPo5U1Pk

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