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WILD HEAT deliver their debut album Call Of The Void, released July 2018, and it is saturated in a feel good ‘80s style vibe that will most definitely take you back to your youth. Rock never felt so much fun as this album. It has a real classic AOR feel and makes for an enjoyable listen, however, it’s not knocking down any barriers that haven’t already been pummelled into the ground. But don’t let this dissuade you from going and grabbing a copy.


If you loved the rock of the ‘80s and early ‘90s then this album will fill you with a nostalgic glow for that era, leaving you reminiscing on the sounds of the past and have you riffling through your album collections to conjure more of that nostalgia to drown yourself in.


There's a wonderful contrast throughout the album of light and dark, chug and flow, and quiet and loud that makes this album a good all rounder. ‘Wild Heat’ has that catchy chorus, album opener ‘Know Your Name’ conjures up images of the customary night outs where you’d go looking for someone to hook up with, it’s light, heartfelt and oozing mush! Love it! It’s rock radio friendly, commercially acceptable and ready to just play and go.


‘Time & Time Again’ brings a softer feel with its atmospheric intro and beautifully delivered riffs and vocals that showcase the contrast between the tracks on this album before breaking into the heavier side of the track. Title track ‘Call Of The Void’ and ‘Under a Velvet Sky’ are slower tracks, showcasing even more classic rock feel to the album.


The riffs are solid, the bass and drums are rhythmic, getting you swaying in your seat and the vocals are spot on with every track. Wild Heat deliver a much needed sing-a-long album that will certainly hit the spot for the AOR Classic Rock fans out there. It’s an album for chilling out to, throw it on while you’re driving and you’ll arrive at your destination with a happy smile on your face. It’s feel good music at its best! Go grab a copy and check it out for yourself.


Track list:
Wild Heat

Know Your Name

Straight Up


Time & Time Again

No One Else

Another Love Song

Call Of The Void

Under A Velvet Sky



Carlos Goggin - Lead guitar

Tommy Bell - Vocals

Chris Coulter - Rhythm guitar

Neal Fowler - Bass

Konstantin G - Drums


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