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One of the busiest unsigned bands in the UK, Witch Tripper like to put themselves about a bit. As I type this they are sunning themselves at HRH Road Trip in Ibiza, having played shows all over the UK so far in 2018. They are busy boys.


Frankly, where they got the time to write and record ‘I, Of the Storm’ is beyond me. They must have one of those Harry Potter time watch thingy’s.


Anyway, I digress. The reason they are busy boys is relatively simple. It’s because the Mansfield based 3 piece, consisting of Guitarist/Frontman Richie Barker, Bassist Chris “Stoff” Daughton and drummer Jimmy Collins, are bloody good. Their live shows are as tight as a gnats chuff and entertaining to boot. They put their all in to every gig and it shows when they walk off stage.


The same can also be said of their albums. Their self-titled debut emerged in 2016 and bought with it a filth fest of riffs, guttural vocals and memorable tunes such as “Attitude Adjustment”, “Chills to the Bone” and “Turbo Bitch”.


‘I, Of the Storm’ is their self-released follow up and the good news is that it’s more of the same from the Mansfield trio. I don’t think Witch Tripper have really broken the formula with their new album, but I do think they have proved one thing…They can churn out quality tunes, without any real fuss at all.


As the early Pantera esque battering of opener ‘White Lines’ kicks in you begin to conjure memories of old, classic metal. Barkers voice actually belongs in the late ‘80s, but given how varied the metal genre is in 2018, it fits perfectly here as well. ‘State of Mind’ is a 4 minute chunk of head banging groove, with a super catchy chorus, both vocally and in the guitar riff.

The title track has more than a whiff of Metallica about it and a great, drawn out ending which will no doubt leave people flailing arms and hair about all over the place. ‘Poonstar’ is up next…No prizes for guessing what this might be about! I’m a huge fan of the drumming on this track. Inventive and driving in equal measure, Collins has this nailed.


‘Roll the Dice’ is a great, classic doom/stoner track. Slow and bluesy, littered with tasteful guitar licks and fuzzy bass from Daughton. It threatens to get quick several times, but never really does (save for a short passage in the middle of the track). This is my personal favourite song on the album.


‘Hell Bound’ has more of a classic metal vibe to it, drawing influence from early Metallica. ‘High in the Sun’ has a rip off your face solo with pinch harmonics and screaming wah work.

‘Cut Me Loose’ draws you in to believing there is a ballad on this album…Yeah, there isn’t. Despite the slower introduction, the track builds to another rock ‘n’ roll stomp. I particularly enjoyed the dissonant sounding guitars linking the passages in this track. It stands out from the other bluesy riffs on offer.


Album closer ‘The Road, It Hurst…’ has another arrogant swag about it, despite being about the rigours of touring, which can get to some folks. Witch Tripper would know about that, they spend a significant chunk of their time out of their home town, but they seem to love it. And the road obviously loves them as well.


I am a big believer with bands that they should always try to evolve. Do something different on every album. Not every band falls in to that category though and you can get total enjoyment out of an album when you know what the product is going to be like. ‘I, of the Storm’ falls in to that category. With Witch Tripper, it’s very much ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.


I thoroughly enjoyed this record. And I reckon if you’re reading this, you will too.

So go get it.


Find out more from Witch Tripper at the following links:
Website - https://witchtripperuk.bandcamp.com

Facebook – https://en-gb.facebook.com/witchtripperuk


‘I, of the Storm’ Track List:

White Lines

State of Mind

I, of the Storm


Roll the Dice

Hell Bound

High in the Sun

Cut Me Loose

The Road, It Hurst…

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