WITCHSORROW - Hexenhammer (Album)


Heavier, darker and welcoming the end of the world, Witchsorrow offer up the theme song to accompany armageddon in the form of their new album HEXENHAMMER. Littered with heavy, sludgy, doom-laden driving riffs that captures the darkest possible side of doom metal, the trio from Farnborough have delivered an album that takes all the best parts of their previous works and melded it into one unmistakable album.

Hexenhammer is a brutal collection of tracks that were written in between tour dates and recorded at Skyhammer Studios in Cheshire. The time that the trio spent shut away recording and mastering the album allowed Witchsorrow to fully indulge themselves in the material, producing not only some of their best doom metal to date but also one of the best albums to grace the doom metal underground in recent years. With the release of Hexenhammer you’re really going to feel the anthemic force that Witchsorrow bring to the table.


Numbering only 7 tracks in total on this release, the introductory track ‘Maleficus’, being an instrumental prelude, the track is based around the fifteenth century “Malleus Maleficarum” aka ‘Hexenhammer’, which was a treatise or book that endorsed and catalogued the extermination of witches, known also as The Hammer Of Witches. It’s a perfect opened to the album that blends into the first full length track,‘Hexenhammer’. A thudding brooding beat of a track, the drums slugging away below the brooding bass line as the deep, doom laden lyrics accentuate the heresy of the witches and the Hexenhammer treatise. ‘The Devil’s Throne’ ups the ante, delivering a faster pace, those doom filled lyrics lifted slightly while the bass from Emily Witch continues to chug heavily below the surface.


‘Demons Of The Mind’ has an off kilter fuzzy distorted intro that leaves an unnerving feeling as it slugs you in the guts and booms to life. The slow, low-end of the guitars chugging like a train heading into the bowels of hell. Vocalist/guitarist Necroskull delivers just the right amount of doom in his vocals, strained and achingly aggressive in tone, adding to the atmosphere that the band produce.

‘Eternal’ has the same chugging feel to the start of the track, interposed by an incendiary riff midway through that sparks the track to life, alternating between low, slow doom to a mid paced delivery that changes up the doom filled palette effectively for the listener. ‘The Parish’ brings the pace back down, slugging away like an old man trudging through thick mud, yet there’s a kind of psychedelic feel to the track, almost like a kaleidoscope of sounds that all fuse together to deliver a full 3 course meal of doom metal at its finest.

‘Like Sisyphus’, the longest track on the album standing at just over 8 minutes in length, starts out with distorted guitars and has interjections of the drums thrown in to add atmospheric quality. Again, we are treated to a combination of slow and mid tempo, the diversity in the track ebbing between doom hate filled rage and heavy galloping machine gun drums that is going to get any live performance into a full throttle mosh-fest.


Littered with epically sludgy and dark riffs, doom-laden vocals and rumbling deathly bass lines, Hexenhammer is a must by for any doom metal fan, seriously you’re going to love the gloomy and progressively dark tracks. It’s one of those albums that the doom metal fans are still going to be talking about in 20 years time.

Hexenhammer is due for release on May 25th 2018 on Candlelight / Spinefarm Records.


Witchsorrow are:
Necroskull - Vocals / Guitar
Emily Witch - Bass
Wilbrahammer - Drums


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witchsorrowdoom/
Website: https://witchsorrow.lnk.to/hexenhammer

Track Listing:


The Devil’s Throne

Demons of the Mind


The Parish

Like Sisyphus

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