WRAITH - Revelation

By Wiggi (Graham Webb)


Release Date -  Aug 2017 on Ice Rain Records / Cargo Records.


“Hailed as the new hope for the British Hard rock scene”


The album opens up with tires screeching and engines roaring as “Lifeline“ lays a solid foundation of hard hitting rock.  The urge to grab an Air guitar and to instantly start head banging is strong. The vocals are powerful and complement the heavy deep resonance of the bass / percussion backbone of the band.  Leading nicely into what I believe to be the hook tracks. “Dream Steeler” and “Into The Fire” confirm the bands direction and have just the right tempo to grab you and keep hold.


“Under The Hammer” has a really nice intro. Building and developing into the kind of song that reaches out and grabs you, encouraging you to rock your ass off.


Track 5 is the token Ballad / heartbreak song “Leaving Me again”. Good lyrical content that is delivered with a feeling many bands fail to achieve with a slow song. I can just imagine a lot of broken hearted people singing along as they relate to the words in the song.


“No Respect“ is a good old fashioned meaty track. Tempo changes and an anthemic chorus really work nicely on this track.


“Invasion“ for me is the stand out track on the record. Great intro and quality vocals builds in to a roller coaster of hard n heavy riffs with the drums and Bass guitar giving out a damn good Ass Kickin.  Has the feel of Operation Mindcrime / Queensryche which can only be a good thing.


Track 8 “Revelation“ isn’t really a track, more of a vocal narrative filled with Dramatic tension.  Not really sure if it’s needed.


The album rounds off with “Human Eater“ and “Hunted“. Solid tracks, especially the final song.  Motley Crue flavoured melodies that will be a sure fire success with the female fans.


“The new hope for the British Hard Rock Scene“ ...  Not for me as the sound has a lot of clear influences from across the pond. Nothing wrong with that of course. This is a very nice package and one that I think will be well received by rock music fans.


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