WRATH OF THE GODS - The Witching Hour

Lindsay Smith-Boam


‘Wrath Of The Gods’ are a metal band formed in early 2017, hailing from Birmingham England. The band are Wayne Dorman, guitar and vocals, Dave Rothan, guitar, Pete Green, bass and Lars Wickett, drums.   With a wealth of experience gained from being former members of bands such as Marshall Law, Nya, Jameson Raid, Kinn and the Graham Bonnet and Uli Jon Roth Bands, this band is full of talent and promise.


Their debut EP ‘The Witching Hour’ is now available.


‘Epitaph’, a strong opener full of heavy rhythmic drumming and even heavier riffs.  Great hooks and a strong melodic vocal instantly reveal what this band are all about.


‘Unto the Battle Born’, hard and heavy machine gun riffs, shredding it up big time with a great vocal. The huge chorus and sheer pace of the track will have moshers moshing madly.


‘Consumed By Evil’ has a sludgy heavy beat with madly laughing voices to open, drawing you into a track which feels full of a malice and manic mayhem but entices you in, enthralling you in the pure metal madness.


‘Witching Hour’ beginning with howling winds and the toll of a bell leading into a grimy low riff that makes you feel like you are falling into darkness and becoming engulfed in it.  As it evolves, the heaviness becomes wonderfully melodic.  Wayne’s voice is full of power and emotion.  This will be a crowd pleasing live track I am sure.


I really enjoyed this debut EP and will look forward to hearing a full album which is planned for early 2018.  The band are also scheduled for a short set at HRH Metal in 2018.


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