"Makes the washing up more bearable......" Rusty D, Psychobabylon


"The most unprofessional interview we've ever done....." Beautiful Strangers


"I've done interviews and podcasts in the past and thought 'God that was well awkward, and I don't think the interviewer did their research very well'. These guys are not the case! Well informed and never an awkward moment. Was just like having a chat with your mates down the pub with a pint. Brilliant team." Joe - Steal The City


"New, but true supporters of new music and bands. I found three bands I'd not heard of before, down to you guys. 5 stars isn't enough!"

Marc - Torqued


"Highly entertaining and helped me discover new music"

Ronnie - Those Damn Crows


"First and foremost this podcast is FUN! The hosts are hilarious and mix their extensive music knowledge with great witty banter that makes for a fantastic listen. But make no mistake, the music is what matters on this podcast and they shine a spotlight on all the best music you won't hear on mainstream radio. Without doubt it's the gateway to your next favourite band, so press subscribe and get listening"

Craig - The Nile Deltas


"I'm sure it was Shakespeare that said..'This podcast is fuckin brilliant, I loves it!' So be like Will and listen to it. #SupportThePodcast"

The Legendary Jon Mitchell


"They don't half make the journey to work less shit"

The Legendary Charley Farley


"....the content is awesome. DTF MEDIA are at the forefront of new music......if it's good it will be here"


"My favourite way to get into new music and get the latest rock and metal news. Really nice balance of music and chat, the hosts are super easy and fun to listen to. The way they chat to you and each other will make you feel like you have a couple of great new friends. ...If you want awesome music and witty banter, LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE!"


"Fantastic podcast, great music, and the banter is awesome"


"Great to see so many new bands getting some airplay"


"It's difficult for a podcast to catch your attention nowadays, but this one is pretty good! The energy is great, it's funny and you will learn a ton of new bands from the UK to listen to."


"Lighthearted, quick witted, informative yet giggly. It would be a true feat, not to fall in love with them after a single listen. Their delivery is something that feels entirely effortless......it feels like you're having a chat/discussion with two close friends. Their charm is equally matched by their enthusiasm as their talk of supporting new unsigned music from budding artists is swiftly proven by their actions. They do the footwork so you don't have to and present their findings in truly lovable package."




Bringing you all the latest Rock and Metal news in the UK music scene from #DownTheFront. Discussions about gigs attended, new album releases, and better still.....interviews with the bands that you know and love, as well as the usual fun and laughter!! Make sure you check and subscribe to DOWN THE FRONT Podcast to not miss out on any of these Rockin' episodes. Follow us on Facebook @DTFPod and Twitter @DTFPod for all the podcast links or click the links below.












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