Episode 3 - 20th January 2017

This episode features an interview with Jack Edwards, Guitarist for Piston


Piston are a five piece UK band who certainly know how to rock n roll! They have a solid, classic rock sound, but with a new energy and modern adaptation that has created the most powerful and hard hitting tracks.


To whet your appetite, here is Naomi's review of their set at The Big Red, London in Nov '16:


PISTON were next, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for this set. I saw PISTON, who are from the West Midlands,  a few weeks back at 'The Underworld' and there and then I decided I needed to see these awesome guys again as soon as possible.


PISTON are Rob Angelico (Vocals), Jack Edwards (Guitar), Luke Allet (Guitar), Stuart Egan (Bass) and the 'tornado' on the drum kit is Brad Newlands. Some of you may have seen my live streaming of their set last night on Facebook. I don't usually do this, but I was so eager to share what I was listening to. These videos can be found on The Gig Gals Facebook page, so please check them out. Rob's vocals are powerful and yet appear to take little effort to produce, this guy was born to do this. The bands energy is high throughout their set, and it's virtually impossible not to wiggle those hips when listening to them. Their live performances are 'Raw' and this is what makes a 'gig' for me! They energise their audience, and smiles beam all around. As mentioned already Brad is an absolute tornado on the drums. He's fantastic to watch as well, this guy kicks ass! Along with Stuart & Luke, together they bring you solid bluesy riffs, and a dirty rock 'n' roll vibe, talented musicians. Jack's skills are impressive too!  He's actually quite captivating, the manner in which he moves around the stage, and jams with the others. He certainly knows his way around that guitar!


Together these guys deliver a 'tight' set. If I had to give one criticism, which is extremely difficult to do with a band that I adore, it's that they didn't play for longer!! Can never get enough of this awesome band!! Go see them, you'll love them.


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