The Big Red, one of London's finest rock bar and music venues are opening their doors to showcase original rock bands from all across the UK. Red Hawk Rising will be hosting the event on the first Saturday of every month.

Each event is live streamed via TotalRock Facebook channel which is subsequently uploaded to their YouTube channel, this is another platform for bands to get their name out there thanks to the help of Tony Wilson and the crew at Total Rock.

Radio podcasts featuring all the bands with Down The Front Media including tracks aired and one on one interviews.

Backline supplied by Blackstar Amplification.
Event support from Jack Daniels Number 7 and Motorhead Beer (Cameron’s Brewery).


Original rock bands apply to
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Big Red Rising - Terms & Conditions

When submitting EPK’s please contact us at with your band name in the subject bar, we don’t submit bands via Facebook due to the volume of interest.
Load in time is 6.30pm there will be a soundcheck for the headline band at 7pm and a few minutes of line/soundchecks for each band who goes on there before. You can play up to 45 mins, please let me know if you want a shorter set list.
Full backline will be provided, drum shell, 1 x Orange 2x12 bass cab, 1 x 2x12 Orange guitar cab, 1 x 4x12 Blackstar cab and all mics plus our own sound engineer. You can bring merchandise for public sale and it would be good if all involved can hang back till all bands have finished for some rock solidarity.
This is a FREE entry event so we expect as usual a busy night. Big Red Rising will be networking the event through their sponsors Total Rock Radio, Blackstar Amplification, Jack Daniels No.7, Down The Front Media and Motorhead Beer (Cameron's Brewery). The event will be advertised in digital video format, digital poster advertising, one Facebook event will be created 3 weeks before the date of the gig by Big Red Rising (please do not post your own event as multi event causes a network bottleneck) which we expect all bands to share and invite their friends list and share the poster ads across their social media networks.
Down The Front Podcast will contact you regarding playing a track on their podcast in the build up to the event and an online interview which will be published across their social network pages.
Total Rock Radio will live stream the whole gig via their Facebook page and will be transferred to their YouTube page one week after the event.
We require 1 photo of the band together, an MP3 track of choice for the video advertising and band logo in the form of a .PNG file 6 weeks before the event date.
I will be in touch 6 weeks before the event, if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch.

Heads Down, Horns Up!

Big Red Rising
*We would like to request that guests do not bring their own alcohol to the venue whether inside or outside the premises. This only applies to a very small % of patrons coming to watch bands - support live music (you get that for free) but also support London rock bar venues and the service they provide. Thank you*

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