Band Applications Now Open For Breaking Bands Festival 5


It's time for your band to shine.


As reported last week, BBFest 5th Anniversary sees an extra stage at the event outdoors. We are very excited to be hosting this extra stage meaning more new talented bands can breakout into the festival scene. Also means the fans gets to discover more new favourite bands too.

So band applications are now open. We are looking for rock, punk, metal, doom, stoner, blues, aor and sleaze to fill the slots across the weekend.

If you are a band that has not yet played Breaking Bands Festival and are available on the weekend of 24th to 26th May 2019 then we want to hear from you.

Click the application form link below, read the information and fill in your bands details - 



Full Line-up Tines Announced!


With just 9 weeks to go, we are very excited to announce the full line-up times for Breaking Bands Festival 2018. We can now also confirm that we are down to just 45 tickets for the whole weekend. Last chance to grab them from is now!





18:00 to 18:40 Eradikator

19:10 to 19:50 Wrath of the Gods

20:20 to 21:00 Ward XVI

21:30 to 22:10 Skaciety

22:40 to 23:40 Red Rum




12:00 to 12:35 Black Water Chemistry

13:10 to 13:45 Witch Tripper

14:20 to 14:55 Vain Galen

15:30 to 16:05 Bad Pollyanna

16:40 to 17:15 Doomsday Outlaw

17:50 to 18:25 Spawn of Psychosis

19:30 to 20:10 JOANovARC

20:35 to 21:15 Psychobabylon

21:40 to 22:20 New Generation Superstars

22:40 to 23:40 *Estrella




11:30 to 11:25 Octogoth

11:30 to 11:55 Pete K mally (Comedian)

12:40 to 13:05 THE ROYAL BLASPHEMY

13:50 to 14:15 BB LoneDog, Dale Acoustic

15:00 to 15:25 Promethium

16:10 to 16:35 Witch Tripper

17:20 to 17:45 Tarot Rats

18:30 to 19:10 Last Great Dreamers




12:00 to 12:35 Pulverise

13:10 to 13:45 Red Spektor

14:20 to 14:55 Pearl Handled Revolver

15:30 to 16:05 EMPYRE

16:40 to 17:15 Dendera

17:50 to 18:30 THE ROYAL BLASPHEMY

19:20 to 20:00 Walkway

20:20 to 21:00 Wicked Stone





11:30 to 11:25 Dig Lazarus

11:30 to 11:55 Dakesis

12:40 to 13:05 Nine Dart Finish

13:50 to 14:15 RACPA Charity Talk

15:00 to 15:25 Ryders Creed

16:10 to 16:35 Sister Shotgun

17:20 to 17:45 Pete K mally (Comedian)

18:35 to 19:15 Gorilla Riot


*please note that in the interest of privacy and respect to the band, Estrella are still listed as headliners. We will have an update on whether the band will still play as soon as possible





With just under 16 weeks to go, Breaking Bands Festival is on the edge of a 4th successive sell out event thanks to the support of the music fans as the team announces there are now just 100 weekend tickets available.


For 2018 the festival team have added an EXTRA NIGHT, we have over 35 acts performing, 2 stages, themed nights, trader stalls, comedians, Rocktail Bar, Treasure hunt, Guitar & Drum school….plus MUCH more.. This really is a value for money package, family friendly Rock Experience that you wont find anywhere else! 


Not only that but fans are rushing to purchase tickets early as the festival is tempting people with their annual 'Ultimate BBFest Experience' prize worth over £500. Those who purchase a weekend ticket by 14th February,  are in the prize draw taking place the next day live on Facebook exactly 100 days before the festival begins.


The prize includes a fully furnished glamping tent for the festival weekend for the winner and up to 3 guests. This includes weekend tickets for the guests too. A big festival goodie bag of merch and merch from each of the prize winners guests' favourite bands of the festival. Also, Breaking Bands drinks sponsors Cloven Hoof Rum and Brothers Cider will be throwing in some alcohol goody bags to boot!


Check out the website for all the latest information and grab your tickets via



Louder Still, who were to make their debut on the Rock People Management Acoustic Stage have regrettably had to bail from the festival while they are still on the search for a vocalist after their singer Tom left the band late 2017. We’ll keep an eye on the band and hopefully they will get another chance next year to come and play.

So onto the good news. Replacing Louder Still is a band that has absolutely exploded onto the rock scene in the past year. Having won HRH’s talent search competition Highway to Hell in September 2017 the band have now become one of the hottest young bands in the UK with bookings at many festivals this year.

At Hard Rock Hell XI the band played 3 sets over the weekend including one of the most impressive acoustic sets we’d ever seen. Instantly, they were pencilled in for a future band at BBFest so when this opportunity arose, we had no hestitation in inviting Ryders Creed to step in for us.

Front man Ryan Hulme said “We are really looking forward to it man! We love playing acoustically! Provides a completely different dynamic”

Ryders Creed will be playing the acoustic stage on Sunday 27th May at this years festival.


Grab tickets before they are gone!






There are only:

•116 weekend tickets left
•4 glamping tents left
•2 camper electric hook up slots


Weekend tickets: £40
Kids tickets: £1
Glamping from: £160-225
Camper Passes from: £10-20
Free parking


Grab tickets before they are gone!




The Award Winning Breaking Bands Festival
2015: SOLD OUT
2016: SOLD OUT
2017: SOLD OUT

Grab tickets before they are gone!



The Award Winning Breaking Bands Festival
2015: SOLD OUT
2016: SOLD OUT
2017: SOLD OUT

Grab tickets before they are gone!



Full Festival Line-Up And Day Splits Announced For 2018!

We are delighted to confirm the full line-up for Breaking Bands Festival 2018 along with the day splits to help those who can only manage one day.


Let's start with the Rock People Management Acoustic Stage. Having already announced Tarot Rats and the return of Dakesis as Dakoustic, it gives us great pleasure to add 10 more bands for the acoustic stage. We have scoured the country to bring something magical once again for your entertainment pleasures and we can firstly announce that main stage bands Witch Tripper & The Royal Blasphemy will be making an appearance on the acoustic stage.


Witch Tripper performed their first acoustic set ever recently at HRH Doom vs Stoner and we were delighted with their performance and had to ask them to come and do it again for the BBFest crowd. Witch Tripper are for fans of Clutch, Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin. The Royal Blasphemy coming over from Portugal are making a full weekend of it and will be performing some of their brilliant songs in a more haunting style that will wow the crowd. The band are for fans of Motorhead, Drowning Pool & Korn.


From Lancaster is a fantastic hard rock band that will definitely make the main stage at some point but were stunning at SOS Fest this year with their acoustic performance too. We are excited to have Promethium on board, for fans of Metallica, Annihilator & Testament


A new band to us is Reading's Louder Still. Another hard rock band turning their skills to acoustic and one to definitely watch out for wherever you go. A band for fans of Iron Maiden, Airborne & Inglorious. Next to Hinckley near Leicester for another band that is new to our team. Dig Lazarus is a hard rock band with a fantastic sound and great stage presence to get the crowd rocking. For fans of The Virginmarys, Monster Truck & Royal Republic


Now to a quartet of Midland based bands, some you may have heard of and some for you to discover. Kicking off with Octogoth from Coventry - something of a curve ball which includes members of the garage-rock band Superhooch. Some may have seen a sneak performance from year 1 when they played an acoustic set in the campsite at 2am - for fans of The Residents, Ween & Petrol Bastard. Alongside them we have the stunning Sister Shotgun who really impressed us at HRH's Highway to Hell final in Sheffield. Sister Shotgun are for fans of Halestorm, Bullet for my Valentine & In This Moment - another band you can expect to see on the main stage in the future. We also have another new band to us called Nine Dart Finish, a 3 piece stoner rock band from Birmingham for fans of Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age & Supergrass.


The subject of Birmingham leads us nicely into our Saturday night acoustic headliners, the wonderfully talented Last Great Dreamers, who will be kicking off the early evening entertainment with their great mix of rock, glam and sleaze. LGD are especially for fans of Redd Kross, Cheap Trick & The Quireboys


That leaves just the Sunday night acoustic headliners for the band that won the Rock People Management acoustic video competition. From Manchester we introduce to you a stunning Southern dirty blues rock band called Gorilla Riot. Absolutely amazing sound to this band and one that we really look forward to seeing more of over the next year.


Onto the Session Studio Main Stage. A quote we have seen many times over and something we believe to be true "a gig is only as strong as your opening band". We always think long and hard about the opening band of the festival each year. A band that can own the stage, get the crowd into gear and set the benchmark that the rest of the bands have to try and reach. 2018 is no exception to this rule. A band that could (and in the future very likely will) headline Breaking Bands Festival will be opening next years event with a thrashtastic set. We are thrilled and honoured to announce that Eradikator will be kicking things off for us on the Friday night! For fans of Metallica, Mastodon & Testament.


Following on from Eradikator we bring in Birmingham rockers Wrath of the Gods. A fairly new band to the scene but one that is making a massive buzz right now on the festival circuit and one we are excited to be bringing into the family. For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest & Metallica.


Frontier Records see something in this next band as they signed them to their label. We too see something in the hard rock and doom band from Derby Doomsday Outlaw. They will be on tour during the month of May with Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate but stepping out to come and play for us. For fans of Black Stone Cherry, Led Zeppelin & Alter Bridge.


We always love a good female rock band at BBFest and this band has to be one of the best. Having seen them perform at their album launch last year and many times since, it was a no brainer to invite the delightful JOANovARC to join us next year. If you like Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Girlschool & AC/DC then this band is not to be missed.


Breaking Bands Festival is all about mixing things up and this next band are definitely something different for the festival. Are they rock, are they blues, are they prog? The answer is a bit of everything. They have been wowing crowds for a fair few years now and we are honoured to be welcoming Pearl Handled Revolver to the festival. Especially for fans of The Doors, Queens of the Stone Age & Deep Purple.


We mentioned earlier about seeing bands at HRH Highway to Hell. The festival Directors have seen over 1,000 bands between them this year and every time they see a good band performance they check if that band has applied to play the festival. This next band played that gig and although never won, they certainly impressed us enough to ask them right there and then (after they left the stage) to come and play. From the home of Skindred, Newport in South Wales we bring Black Water Chemistry for fans of Alter Bridge, Killswitch Engage & Architects.


Next up a band that played the acoustic stage this year. We were not going to invite back any more bands that had played this year but their performance in front of 3,000 people at HRH Doom vs Stoner last month was too good to ignore. One of the best gigs we have seen for a long time. So welcome back Red Spektor. For fans of Kadavar, Black Sabbath & Graveyard.


Finally, the last 2 bands to complete the announcement. Firstly we would like to announce Walkway, a rock band from Norwich who, in the words of Production Manager Steve Jacobs back in April this year, was "the best band of HRH AOR" which also featured Lita Ford, The Quireboys and FM. Very excited to see them on the stage of BBFest. Walkway are for fans of Aerosmith, Nickelback & Van Halen.


Now to one of the most promising rock bands the UK has to offer. If you like stomping riffs, ear melting solos and choruses to make the walls sweat, this may be the band for you. So last but absolutely not least, Wild Lies from London completes the Breaking Bands Festival 2018 line-up. For fans of Bullet for my Valentine, Alter Bridge & Black Stone Cherry.


I think everyone will agree these additions really do make the award winning Breaking Bands Festival one of the best line-ups of 2018 for emerging talent, grass roots rock and promising future headliners of major festivals.


Adding to the awesome line-up we also have special guest talks from RACPA UK, comedy shows from Pete K Mally, a guitar school with a special guest tutor to be announced, a drum school for all ages hosted by TJ of Without Grace, Quiz night, interactive treasure hunt and lots more fringe activities for all the family. Also just announced is our Saturday night fancy dress which will be 80's hair metal night. Bring on the spandex and big hair with prizes to be won too.


Tickets are on sale for day and weekend, campervan and glamping. Go to for all the details.


FULL LINE-UP WITH DAY SPLITS (not in stage order):





Red Rum - *Headline*

Skaciety - *Sub Headline*

Ward XVI

Wrath of the Gods




Black Water Chemistry

Doomsday Outlaw

Estrella - *Headline*


New Generation Superstars *Sub Headline*


Spawn of Psychosis

Vain Galen

Wild Lies

Witch Tripper




Chris Slade - *Special Guest*



Pearl Handled Revolver


Red Spektor

The Royal Blasphemy


Wicked Stone - *Sub Headline*





Last Great Dreamers - *Headline*


Tarot Rats

The Royal Blasphemy

Witch Tripper





Dig Lazarus

Gorilla Riot - *Headline*

Louder Still

Nine Dart Finish

Sister Shotgun

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