A new rock and metal festival is set to burst onto the scene this weekend in the shape of Amplified Festival. Set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, this 3-day festival boasts a host of established acts from around the world and a wealth of talent from up and coming bands spread across it's four stages. With over 100 bands to choose from, I'm looking forward to catching bands who I've not yet had the chance to see along with others who are completely new to me; I find this to be one of the most exciting aspects of the summer festivals, finding a new band is like unwrapping the best Christmas present.

Amplified have also created a handy clashfinder which can be downloaded here I am currently colouring mine in with a highlighter pen.

If the music isn't enough to keep you occupied, Amplified Festival have come up with some great ideas to keep you busy. You could have a go on The Devil's Mud Run water slide, watch some Attack! pro-wrestling, take a gander at the pro-skate exhibition ramp, or even take a hula class! Or for those of us who are less active, relax and enjoy the culinary delights on offer from one of the many food stalls and sup a Motorhead ale. Amplified Festival is also hosting the launch of Neptune Rum so you can treat yourself to a taste of the Caribbean in the Gloucestershire countryside.

My must-see bands for Amplified Festival are:




The Fallen State – Red Stripe Main Stage – 15.00-15.30


The Amorettes – Red Stripe Main Stage – 17.00-17.45


Departed – Red Stripe Main Stage – 18.15-19.00


Trucker Diablo – Very Metal Art Stage – 19.00-19.45


Puddle of Mudd – Red Stripe Main Stage – 21.30-23.00




Scarsun – Very Metal Art Stage – 12.30-13.00


Chasing Dragons – Very Metal Art Stage – 13.30-14.00


Ramage Inc. - Very Metal Art Stage – 15.30-16.00


Massive Wagons – Very Metal Art Stage – 19.00-19.45


Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Red Stripe Main Stage – 21.30-23.00




Fragile Things – Red Stripe Main Stage – 12.30-13.00


Bad Touch – Red Stripe Main Stage – 16.30-17.05


Massive – Red Stripe Main Stage – 17.40-18.20


Shvpes – Shoot Your Hoops Stage – 19.15-19.45


Reef – Red Stripe Main Stage – 21.30-23.00


There's still time to get your tickets, and if you buy a full weekend pass you have the chance to win a custom Harley Davidson!! Head over to to get yours.


See you down the front! (Or perhaps at a hula class)