The final BIG RED RISING of 2018 takes place on 3rd November at The Big Red, Holloway Road, London. The monthly event to showcase original rock bands from all across the UK has had a great year and is going out with a bang for 2018, and it's still free!

London's own grunge rock band DIRTY FALCON are on the bill and DTF caught up with drummer Greg Baker to check out what they're bringing to the party; "It’s a great showcase for up and coming bands at the best rock bar in London. It's free entry and the bar is always full of rock fans. Our ethos from the start was to play hard and heavy relentlessly, to make the stage explode and everyone’s balls ache."

The band formed in Wales in 2010 - "We have been friends and musicians forever but in different bands. Over a heavy drinking session at The Green Man festival back in 2010, where we all voiced our displeasure with our then bands, we decided to stop f***ing about and form Dirty Falcon."

Their debut album, 'Never Mind the Ball-Ache it's.....Dirty Falcon', saw them signed by Factory Fast Records, and they followed it up with 'Another Man's Ball-Ache' in 2017. Their influences range from QOTSA to Alice in Chains but they would most like to tour with Led Zeppelin circa 1970 - "Led Zeppelin around 1970, who wouldn’t!"

BIG RED RISING is a great way to showcase new original bands and DIRTY FALCON are looking forward to growing their fanbase with "exposure to proper rock fans and getting the name Dirty Falcon known" from the event. They describe their sound as "heavy, dirty and intense hard rock" and they have two albums with which to "hit the audience between the eyes" so be warned.

Greg tells us how rock is strong and well in the UK; "its back where it belongs underground and subversive, non-commercial to a point. I suppose what we admire about the scene is how bands pull together now to put on shows, support each other and keep live music alive. It didn’t use to be like that, back in the day everyone seemed to be in competition with each other and trying to climb over each other."

With plans to shoot a video and lots of drunken shenanigans planned for the rest of the year, catch DIRTY FALCON for free at BIG RED RISING #14 on Saturday 3rd November.

Dirty Falcon are: Chris Carr, Martin Inman and Greg Baker