VOODOO VEGAS bring new music and their first London gig for 2 years to the final BIG RED RISING of 2018 on 3rd November; "We’ve not played in London for a while so thought with our new album coming out soon it would be good to get on the trail of playing some shows in the big city. The 1st Voodoo Vegas Show in London for 2 years, songs from our new album, and lots of positive energy. Playing a Rocking Show with lots of energy, [we're] looking forward to seeing how the songs from our new album go down."

VOODOO VEGAS are about to release their 3rd album, all 3 have been crowdfunded, and have a reputation as one of the most hardworking bands around right now. Inspired by some of the greats, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and GnR, this Bournemouth band are all about "some of the best rock music out there… just not many people know about it". They love the live show but join the concern for the UK scene at the moment; "in Europe a hell of a lot more younger people go to rock shows. In the UK the classic rock crowd is ageing if this trend continues where will the  scene be in a few years?" With venues closing due to low attendance, do they have a point?

In the last of the BIG RED RISING shows of the year, VOODOO VEGAS are looking to the crowd to help generate an awesome atmosphere - "where the crowd are good, give energy back to us and help create a memorable night". And it's still free entry!

Recording their 3rd album means the band have some useful experience behind them to help the process along; "one thing I’ve learned from album 2 to album 3 is this you must have positive energy within the band. If someone is bringing negative energy to the table, that will certainly drain the creative process. I believe a positive energy can help your mind be free and be truly creative".

After this show, the band will be busy putting the final touches on album 3 - "get everything in place for our 3rd album release in 2019, watch this space we are all really proud of this beast" - which they're recording in Spain. So get out to see them now.

BIG RED RISING #14, The Big Red, Holloway Road, London, Saturday 3rd November. Free entry.



Lawrence Case – Vocals/Harmonica

Merylina Hamilton – Guitar

Ash Moulton – Bass

Mike Rigler - Drums

Jon Dawson - Guitar