Prior to supporting KING KING at Glasgow's O2 Academy, Down The Front Media caught up with SARI SCHORR as she prepares to embark on a UK / European headline tour.

With the KING KING tour wrapping up, and with bass player Lindsay Coulson stepping away from the band, we wondered how the tour has been, “It’s been absolutely great, they are all such nice guys and we all get on so well, the atmosphere has been amazing as you can imagine, I am so sad it’s the last date. The KING KING fans just get the music. It’s been an amazing experience. It has been a bit sad knowing Lindsay is leaving, I just don’t like endings at all no matter what it is, whether it is as this is, with someone leaving a band or even a relationship I just don’t like them.”

It seems like SARI has been on the road forever recently, as she promotes her latest album ‘Never Say Never’, and with a UK / European headline tour coming up off the back of these support dates, it must be hard being away from home for so long. “Sometimes it becomes a bit of a blur, different cities, different venues all sort of merge. However, the one constant that doesn’t blur are the people. The people who come to the shows to watch, they are the ones who matter.”




Despite being the last show with KING KING, SARI won’t be able to escape the Nimmo connection for too long as her band members Mat Beable has played with Stevie Nimmo previously and Bob Friedzma was himself in KING KING – “laughs Yes I feel like one of the Nimmo family now, I am surrounded by amazing musicians that I am inspired by every time we go on stage. We are all on the same wavelength and we like and genuinely get on with each other.”

With the chance of an extended setlist for these upcoming dates, there are surprisingly no songs that stand out as personal favourites “Am I allowed to say I don’t have one?”, but there will be plenty on offer to showcase her talents “I have songs that scare me the most like ‘Black Betty’. When I see that come up on the setlist, my heart is already going like this ( indicated thumping). It has become a signature so I do it, but definitely not my favourite song to sing because it is such an emotional song. I have a lot of fun with the lighter side but then when ‘Valentina’ or ‘Im Fooling’ come up on the setlist I’m like ‘Great! Time to kick ass!”




Like most vocalists, singing was an integral part of life from an early age, “I was 3 years of age, I was always singing and I knew that was what I had to do, I was brought up listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday and as I got older Big Mama Thorton were all big influences on me.”

Away from the stage, SARI posts photographs that she has taken, a downtime hobby perhaps? “Yes, it is, no one has asked me about that, it is actually. That’s absolutely right”, and on the subject of seeing more of this work in the future; “I'm thinking about doing a photography book. I am a very visual person and I just love photography much more than video. Black & White photos capture something hidden that we don’t always see.”

With soundcheck looming, it’s been an absolute honour to chat with SARI SCHORR. Read the review of that Glasgow show here - and catch SARI SCHORR live in March on the following dates:-

Vonnies Blues Club, Cheltenham Wednesday 6 March

Eel Pie Club, Twickenham Thursday 7 March

Sedgefield Blues Club, Sedgefield – SOLD OUT Friday 8 March

Oran Mor, Glasgow Saturday 9 March

Café Drummonds, Aberdeen Sunday 10 March

The Boom Boom Club, Sutton Friday 15 March

The Citadel, St. Helens Saturday 16 March

Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst Tuesday 2 April

Heartbreakers, Southampton Wednesday 3 April

Iron Road Live @Bar 57, Pershore Saturday 6 April

The Hawth, Crawley Sunday 7 April

The Robin 2, Bilston Wednesday 10 April

The Live Rooms, Chester Thursday 11 April

New Crawdaddy Blues Club, Basildon Friday 12 April

Tickets available from